Resigned Teammates Should Not Go Neutral

I like to play 4v4 games. If my team has map control / a fortified line and one player drops, it really sucks to have an entire segment immediately go neutral. Why does this not work like AOE2? You should at least have to fight through enemy defenses to win a game if someone drops. It turns games that can still be winnable with a 3v4 into instant resigns. Please consider fixing this and making it like AOE2!


in aoe3 all the stuff of resigned players stop attacking, like aoe4. you can go to the other extreme of some rts, making resigned player an AI and continue playing

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Especially if your internet disconnects you. ## ## ##### over until you can reconnect.

I don’t think we should have AI take over, but you should at least have to fight through the enemy units that are still there. It really ruins a lot of potentially good games when someone rage quits early or connection drops.