Resolution Bug?

I was playing with 2k resolution but when changing to 4k I see the size of the game is the same, there is no change in the size of the map that you cover with a higher resolution and the current size shows you the objects pretty big, the town center covers a big part of the screen, I expected to cover more size of the map with a 4k resolution like in aoe 2 or almost any game I know, is this a bug? is there a way to make the camera far away? I have the impression to see in some streamings that the camera covers more map than I have in my installation and given that the game seems to be the same as the beta, I was thinking this behavior could be a bug that makes your game set in the initial resolution when the game started the first time after instalation and then it will conserves the same size no matter the resolution you apply.

Hey @zaniocz. At this time the maximum zoom is the maximum zoom—there is no way to show more of the map by changing settings.