Resolution problems

Platform: Steam
Operating System: Windows 10
I’m having too much troubles with the resolution of my monitor with the game (my monitor resolution is 1024x768 recomended).
Fullscreen mode: The cursor isn’t on the place where it shows, cause it is more on the right (where it really is, just like a “ghost cursor”), and the screen is too wide that the right part of the screen is cut off
Windowed mode: In that case, the cursor is now normal, but the screen still too wide to the right.
Windowed mode but fixed on the screen: When i drag the screen to the top, it fill all the monitor and the cursor was working as intended, but, when in gameplay, the description and the letters is unreadable.
So… how can i fix this problem?

Reproduction Steps:
Here’s how to reproduce the problem:
Just put the resolution of the monitor with 1024x768 and then start the game and the issues will begin.


That is when in the fullscreen mode, the right side of the screen is cut and the cursor was away from the button “Ok”, but looks like the cursor was above the button


This is when i’m on the windowed mode but the screen fill all normal, but is unreadable


and another example of that


I’m not sure if this’ll help, but you can try using “Prender ponteiro a janela” to see if the issue gets fixed.

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