Resolving Issues With Light Infantry Multipliers

with light infantry finally having their own tag it’s a good time to revisit some unit multipliers to account for them. namely Asian cavalry who have infantry bonus and heavy infantry malus multipliers, as well as technologies and shipments such as light infantry hit points.

simplifying bonus vs light cavalry to 1.5x and changing the malus against cavalry of 0.75x into heavy cavalry would make the game simpler to understand at a glance as well.

adding a 0.5x malus against light infantry to rifle riders would soften the edge case where it has a balance effect.


I think making Asian cav do bonus damage to light infantry instead of generic infantry would end up being a nerf. Currently units like the naginata rider do bonus damage to minutemen and generic explorers since they both have the infantry tag however neither has the light infantry tag so they would not do bonus damage if the multiplier was changed. I believe the new anti skirm skirms (pandours hadjuks huntsmen ect.) do not have the light infantry tag so the Asian cav would not do bonus damage to these new units when they probably should.

Yeah simplifying the light cav multiplier would be nice.

The Asian cav thing doesn’t work because the new light infantry tag doesn’t apply to the new counter skirm units themselves, so changing it a multi against light infantry only would nerf the units pretty badly

which civs have light infantry hitpoints as a card? the only one I can think of that has something similar is germans with the long range hitpoint card but I dont think that will change since I think its only meant for the specified units (they probably dont want to stack german buffs for mercs)

The cav thing should be done yeah, the new counter skirms actually do that so that could be a nice change

why the rifle rider change?, they already die to skirms easily (they also have heavy cav tag, so removing the skirm multi to all cav wont change anything)