Resource Cheaters in Multiplayer!

I have recently come across a duo who was resource cheating . some how they had villagers that gathered resources at an extremely accelerated rate. I have the recording If someone is able to do something about this

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Might be the 256 cheat bug

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Probably it is the 256 tec cheat. The creator said on reddit that even as a mod it generated so many unpredicted bugs and a weird mess all in all. Hopefully it gets removed until they fix it or just offer it as a mod.

Devs have nothing to say?

Calling players out is forbidden by the rules. Send the devs a mail, like you can read in my post. They will have a look at it.

I guess the players did use some bug. This bug is fixed in the current patch.

The exploit is fixed.

That’s all there is to it.

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Cheaters use the software of cheating ,
it is not bug
u can find many cheaters from china
i just know one
“wemod” is the cheat software
it must be banned