Resource collection idea

I’m against the idea of making villagers/workers overlap each other like in Starcraft when collecting resources. I think making the workers gather resources efficiently without blocking each other is an important part of AOE micromanagement in the economy sector as well.
However, I do believe the worker/unit AI should be made more capable and smarter so they act better in crowded areas as opposed to getting completely stuck, but making this improvement would again reduce the amount of micromanagement needed, hence my idea:
The player should be punished for not structuring and placing the workers efficiently (e.g. letting 5 workers struggling to chop the same tree in a tight spot instead of placing each to a separate tree) by making them drop some of the resources they are carrying when they bump into each other (this effect should also be made visible when looking at the workers - seeing them drop something from their arms), although they would be able to squeeze better in crowded places due to better AI. This pleases both casual players who don’t want to concentrate so much on micro-ing economy units as well by making the workers still somewhat efficient due to their ability to squeeze past, and competitive players by rewarding them with a better collection rate/worker efficiency for spending the time and reflexes to micro the workers correctly.

I agree. I hope it is more like AoE 1 or 2 in terms of resource gathering with drop off points rather than the AoE 3 gathering.

This seems harsh.

In Aoe 1 or 2 bad micro gives me my resources slower. Letting them drop resources gives me less off them. I try to panic together a castle by putting 20 villagers on my last two tiles of stone, and in return I don’t get to build the castle. I prefer the traditional problems honestly.

I loved the way villagers had to walk across the map to and fro to gather resources in AOE2. AOE3 simplified it in a way that was quick and simple but far less interesting as a player. AOE2 created a strategy of placing and re-placing collection points to make gathering as quick as possible for a cost. I remember coming back to my village late in the game and seeing villagers trekking significant distances to gather wood etc - it was hilarious and cool!

Given resource gathering is a crucial element of the game play, especially at the beginning, AOE4 should aim to make it a fun and interesting activity. Eg establishing a safe roving zone by erecting walls/towers or assigning escorts etc just aren’t needed in AOE3.

I personally was also more of a fan of AoE I and II’s method of gathering resources. It was loads of fun picking off villagers as they walked from the forest back across the map to a resource drop off point.