Resource_delta causes resource health bars to overflow and can make forage bushes invisible

Game Version:

  • Build 6 February 2020
  • Platform Steam


using resource_delta in a random map script causes a few quirks.
Notably, resources that have their resource content as their “HP” bar, do not scale that bar, so resource_delta can lead to massive overflows:

The other issue is that resource_delta can cause forage bushes to become temporarily invisible. They can still be gathered from, but this requires villagers to auto-find them (ie. after building a mill nearby).

I believe this issue may be due to the fact that gold/stone/forages vary in appearance depending on how depleted they are. With resource_delta, these graphics “overflow” and show a partially depleted state.
I think perhaps a certain forage bush rotation is missing some graphics for a resource amount that it doesn’t that it doesn’t normally have and/or is failing to overflow it’s graphics. Or something like that.

I’ve previously sent in a recording of this phenomenon.