Resource Generating Outposts

Could we get Resource Generating Outposts? As as a scenario only building. Normal Outposts are unchanged.

The new Outpost is indestructible, but can be taken off you from another player. The Outpost generates resources slowly and raises your population cap.

I have myself have made Outpost mods for the 2013 AOE 2 and they are on the Steam workshop. I used advanced genie editor to turn Outposts into monuments and took the feitoria effect, slowed it down and applied to Outposts. The Outposts give 1 food, 1 wood, 1 gold, and 1 stone every 10 seconds. They raise pop by 25.

I use these mods for certain scenarios that make the game play more like Company of Heroes rather than AOE. And even diplo maps where it all about taking outposts off other players or allying with other players.

It won’t affect a normal game. It’s a scenario only building.

Some WololoKingdoms(HD to Userpatch mod) mapscripts are offering this res generation. You can take a look at there. You can upgrade unit ID for that.