Resource Manager - Viewing, comparing, creating and extracting files from Age of Empires III .BAR archive

Developer: VladTheJunior
Current version: 0.3
Download app and view source code: GitHub page


Hi everyone.
I would like to present to you a program for viewing, comparing, creating and extracting files from BAR archives of the Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition (also supports AoE3 2007). This tool replaces the AoE3Ed Viewer developed by Ykkrosh, which does not work for the Definitive Edition.
The updated version includes all (x) functions that were in AoE3Ed Viewer, as well as new features.



  • Syntax highlighting in previewing text files (xml, xs).
  • Search in preview in text files (CTRL + F).
  • Ability to scale images in preview.

Entries table:

  • Grouping files by their format (optional).
  • Sort by name, size, creation date.
  • Search in the BAR archive.
  • Calculation of CRC (optional).
  • Create BAR archive from files and folders.
  • The size of the selected entries.


  • Converting XML <-> XMB (both 2007 and DE).
  • Converting DDT -> PNG.


  • Extract all files.
  • Extract selected files.


  • Comparison of BAR archives.

(x) Currently the application does not include the following features:

  • Converting DDT <-> TGA (it is recommended to use Photoshop Plugin by kangcliff).
  • Preview and correct unpacking/packing of sound files (files are encrypted, I will be grateful to the developers if they give more detailed information on this).

How to Use

  1. Download application from the link above.
  2. Unpack .zip and run Resource Manager.exe.
  3. Application requires .NET Core. If you haven’t installed it yet, you can download it from the direct link: .NET Core Runtime.

Working like a charm, greetings devilschild (:

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Always a pleasure to work with you Vlad :ok_hand:
Great work as always.


Many thanks for creating this!
Works great, but I can’t play the extracted music files? EDIT: You’ve already addressed this point
Apart from that everything else that I’ve tried has worked.

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How can i edit ?
I replaced my sounds after extraction then i made a new
but the game only playing my edited sounds ,not the original files.
I think i have a problem with decoding/encoding
Plus i have same problem with movie files (converting to .bk2)
The game is not playing my videos too which i only change sounds

I’m just trying to play my old unofficial dubbed version sounds for DE…

how can i compress my edited file to a .bar file?

then choose your folder


my visual studio 2019 cant load the project.
Could you please upload the binary version though?
Is it possible to edit anything without having crc mismatch as we were able to do with original version.

Executable file is already attached :smiley:

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I have downloaded it and now it is ask to download NET core which I have done and now when I try to run resource-manager this shows up

"Install .NET Core

Framework “Mircosoft.WindowsDesktop.App” verison 3.1.0 not found."

I don’t know what exactly I need to download from NET core’s website.

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Hi, you need to install .net core runtime version.

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This should be the correct direct link, .net website is a bit confusing:


Amazing, i needed it

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This is excellent, thank you!

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I downloaded these files and have extracted them. I cannot open anything in them. It boots me to the internet with an error message. Am I missing something?

Are you sure you downloaded the application and not the source code? In any case, I added instructions on how to use the program, сheck out the first post.

非常感谢 :smile:

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I have extracted all the original sound files, replaced some wav files, and created my own, but the game only plays the sounds that I have replaced. Please repair the tool. It seems to be a problem with decoding / decompression.

I have the same problem. The new only plays the sounds that I have modified. Do you know how to solve it?

Could you solve the problem? I have the same: the game only plays the sounds that I have edited.