Respond to new patch (edited)

. Herbal Medicine: ( good change )
. Healing rate improvement reduced from 100% to 60%.
The healing rate obviously overpowered right now, it’s far ahead tower’s DPS. Couple prelates with couple man at arms could easily take down any building defense in your 2nd base harmlessly with just A-move.

. Survival Techniques ( helpful )
. Cost reduced from 100 Gold, 50 Wood to 75 Gold, 25 Wood.
helpful, but not good enough, player still gonna ignore it whatever. The better way is make all hunted meat on map more valueble.

  • like boar can be gathered by more than 8 villagers.
  • or give some permenant buff to villagers that take effect for the whole game.

. Siege Engineering
. Research time reduced from 45 to 30 seconds.
. Ram
. Cost decreased from 300 to 250. ( Mixed )
helps against tower rush, this part is not bad.
but also made early push more easier. these changes made early aggressive CIVs like Franch more aggessive. For early defensive CIVs like Chinese, these changes made them even harder to survive in early game.

. Scout ( okey )
. Health regeneration reduced by 50%.
. Production time increased from 20 to 25 seconds.
not big deal, it actualy nerfed scouts harassment ability in early game. espcialy to Rus and Mongol. it just didn’t towards your goal of this patch. which make more fights happens in dark and feudal. but once again it’s not a big deal.

. Defenses ( Great change )
. No longer favor Rams as a target.
Finaly, it was stupid pick ram as the first target automaticly before.

. Town Center Weapons ( bad change )
. Reducing the number of Garrison slots from 20 to 15.
. Default weapon attack interval increased from 1.12 to 1.88.
. Garrison arrow attack interval increased from 1.12 to 1.88.
. Town Center Garrison slots reduced from 20 to 15.
I know you wanna make more fights happens in Dark and Feudal, you want the turtle strategy get punished in some way. but town center is the basic defense for every CIV. this change actualy nerfed early game defensive CIVs only, coz towncenter only helps the side who is getting attacked.

  • the better way is, only nerf CIVs with early heavy armor units, like English, Franch, Rus, HRE. because they could defend with higher tier units. Other race like Chinese, Delhi, it’s not like they like to be turtles, they just bad at early game. and these changes make their early game even worse.

. Outpost ( bad change )
. Health reduced from 1000 to 750.
. Build time increased from 45 to 60 seconds.
. Outpost garrison attack interval increased from 1.12 to 1.88.
same as the towncenter. the key to nerf tower rush, its not on tower itself. tower is a building you can use on both offensive and defensive side. so wheneven you nerf it from one side, it nerfed the other side simultaneously. means when you nerfed tower rush, its defensive ability also get nerfed. it effect the balance between tower and military units. it somehow buffed early aggressive CIVs again.

  • giving tower differentials while build on different side ( offensive / defensive ) is the key to balance out tower rush. like cost more time to build a tower that far away from the towncenter.

. Mongols now begin the game with a packed Ger. (helpful but didn’t really fix the problem)
Mongol has been nerfed too much before at the beginning of the game, and totally lost its early game aggressive properties now. this change would help abit, but the real problem of mongol is actually the problem of tower rush. As long as tower rush been fixed in a right way, mongol will be fix automaticly.


All in all, tower rush got nerfed by nerfing the basic building defense system. which i can not say it’s a good idea at all. it break the balance between the building defense and military units. I can imaging the outpost can be take down very easily by 4-5 horseman now. The outpost expansion got be very hard to setup. Defensive CIVs like Chinese, they are forced to put more resource on lower tier units to fight CIVs with early heavy armor units like Franch in feudal age.

CIVs benefits the most from the new patch : Franch. English, HRE,
CIVs also got buffed : Rus, Mongol,
CIVs in trouble : Chinese, Delhi,

This patch actually made the best CIV better, the worst worse.


People who complain a lot about the ram buff and the nerf to the main TC (which looked like a Gatling gun) tend to like to play greedy without being pushed too hard.

If someone is aggressive, you will have to prepare towers, walls and units. The RPS system must be respected and in the previous patch it only benefited the boom and Castles+ in the vast majority of games.


Dude probably favors an eco simulator. Which is okay for him; but i hope they take the game in a different direction towers aggression and costly defensive booms.