Restore Campaign Progress on New PC

I’ve transferred my AOE2 to a new computer and it works great. The issue that I’m having is that the completed campaigns didn’t transfer. How do I transfer those many completed campaigns so that I can continue to play without having to start from scratch. I’d appreciate any tech help on my prob.

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Is it the Steam or original CD-ROM version?

Downloaded them off of Steam website… Have all the AoE 2@3 games and expansion sets. Played them for years off and on. Many I have’t completed. Really do not want to start them all from the beginning so I can continue with the ones that I haven’t gotten to yet.

Hi @DraughtBore9, You can use the I R WINNER cheat code to skip already completed campaigns.

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Did you copy the profiles and savegame folders from your old PC after reinstallation through Steam on your new PC?
You can find them below:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age2HD

@Jineapple Does the Steam Cloud feature save campaign progress? Just curious.

Campaign progress should by synced, yes. Enable it on the old computer first, then the new one.

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Didn’t for me. Reinstalled it through Steam on both AoE 2 & 3. Still had to start over.

Hey PCS70. Yes, I copied that exact file and dropped it in my new Program Files. Thought maybe there’s a subsequent file somewhere.

Thanks for the tip, RadiatingBlade. Worked great for me. Didn’t forward my Achievements, but I’m more into playing the game than accruing the various Achievements. You, pretty much, solved my problem.