Retaliation for my Early Pressure

2v2, Arabia.

My team: Tatars (me) and Vietnamese (ally)

Enemy team: Teutons and Khmer.

Upon reaching Castle, I saw that the Vietnamese send some Archers to attack the Khmer player, so I also assisted him with Steppe Lancer rush against the Khmer player as well. He seemed to be only making archers. After we caused a bit of damage to his economy, until the economically developed Teuton player sent knights to reinforce the Khmer player. We had to abandon the raid since there is no way for me to match the Teuton heavy cavalry.

As the game went by, the Khmer has managed to recover from my raid and started sending Ballista Elephants and xbows at me to show appreciation for raiding! I had Camels at the ready because I expect to face Teutonic Paladins and Khmer elephants, but the Khmer massed so many units and my Camels were stomped to death.

As for the Vietnamese himself, he put up a better fight against the Teutons with a double gold comp of Rattans and Elephants, but because of Crenellations Castles, and he was also pushed to death by the Paladins and Onagers. When I examined the map after I lost, I saw that the Khmer set up a second base from my raid at one corner of the map, and planned to counterstrike me from there.

I have rushed enemy AI mostly successful, but is raiding human players early riskier? Because it was an open map, I played with the bonuses I have to raid them, and I was the one that lost.

When the human player is competent, sure.

Team game in multi is likely to be mass military game, so defeating enemy army is sometimes more impotant than raiding. Raiding itself isn’t bad, it can reduce enemy army.

Camels aren’t really that great against Ballista Elephants, you’re better off with Onagers. Vietnamese player could’ve added some Halbs (since it seemed you’re against Paladins and Onagers) and Onagers from Vietnamese, while… well, you were Tatars. Send forth the Flaming Camels!

You’ll still have to micro them a little, as massed Ballista Elephants can kill your Flaming Camels from a distance, but attacking with two smaller groups should be enough.

Once Khmer loses the mass of Ballista Elephants, it should be far easier to take down Teutons. Keep in mind you’ll also have long-range Trebuchets to take down Crenellations Castles! Depending on whether Teutons player is making Halberdiers or not and what your ally makes, you can just stay on Lancers/Camels or Heavy Cav Archers I guess. Keshiks could be a good option too, but you’re already making Flaming Camels and Trebuchets.

It’s risky in the sense that even if you do raid them, you’ll have to continue the pressure. Otherwise, if you don’t capitalize on it, you might’ve set yourself behind instead and the other player safely booms back into the game. They definitely shouldn’t be able to afford to mass Ballista Elephants when they got raided hard before. If you just have units there, you’re likely not going to do too much damage. Maybe with some Siege behind it to actually threaten the Khmer?

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