Retold trailer discussion

What does everyone think about the trailer?

A few initial observations is that they have tweaked some graphical things since the reveal in the winter.
For example, the roofs of the Norse buildings have been changed and look a lot less cartoonish. Some things like water and farms look beautiful, other things still look very blocky and plasticy. I feel the textures are great and the overall art direction is good but inconsistent. The Norse buildings have been improved and look less like plastic Legos but other other things like destroyed fortress looks very blocky. I just wonder if they can find tune some of the color saturation and make some of these models look less plastic like.

Overall I think everything is very immersive and there is potential for this to be one of the best!


Prime graphic of the franchise in my first impression.


Looks great. As I rule I don’t do day one purchases any more. This looks to be an exception to that rule.

Everything was great :partying_face::clap:t2::clap:t2::heart::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::partying_face:

Watched the trailor like 10x times and im pretty hyped about the game. The only thing i dont like is the Earthquake.

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Graphics are great. They just need to make it up to modern standards of RTS - hotkeys, responsivness, QOL, UI, balance and it will be best Age game


As I’ve seen a reddit thread jumping on Zeus claming his art is AI generated due to how the six pack looks, I want to point out, as mentioned in the comments, that these are in fact the oblique muscles on the side of the six pack:

As Zeus is a god, I guess it makes sense that these muscles are particularly emphasised.

That dude has 3 muscles circle things along the side where zeus has like as many as like 10 or more along that same area. They don’t look the same, nor does the way that they slant down and in on zeus match real that model at all.

You can always solve all that…

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Obviously. But if you don’t do that on game release, then player base will quickly vanish.

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I don’t even know what you mean. I compared the older screenshot to the new screenshots and… It’s obviously different ages/techtiers and the lighting and angles (and the zoom) are different but the generel proportions and depth of detail look the same to me. Btw i think they look great in both pictures.

Yes, but I mean they will have it solved by then… the images we have of the game now are from the beta phase… there is still room for improvement in many fields…

Yes, for me it looks really good… the first image was more of an alpha and with smooth textures, now everything is seen with more detailed textures… in that aspect the game gives me a good feeling…