Return of age of empires online


It would be a good idea to bring back age of empires online on steam or on the windows store.

I think a majority of people would be ready to go back on the game.

You wont get get an answer from MS for this, they gave up completely on this game

Yet it has a real potential.
And many people try to revive it.

But why? As far as I remember it was just a cheap way for M$ to get money by abusing the franchise, releasing a pay 2 win gameon an unstable poorly developed platform.

cheap way is Castle Siege and for me it destroyed great franchise name

AOEO4EVER :slight_smile:

Can we play soon?

Given the number of requests for the return of the game he could at least make an announcement.
Every day on social networks there is this demand.

Same for fixing age of mythology, but we only get faced with neglect.

Instead of promoting castle siege it should at least hand over a server for age of empires online

who knows what future will bring :wink: