Return of Rome Challenges EZ Unlock

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Mods Single - Age of Empires

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This Mod is intended to make it extremely easy to pass the Event Challenges.

Disclaimer: If you find that this takes the fun out of everything, this Mod is not for you.

For each event, open a skirmish vs one AI, Infinite resources, All Visible, pop limit 500 pick the appropriate Civ, and the starting Age required(if any).

After each challenge is completed, resign from game, and load it again when the next challenge becomes available.

Return of Rome Event Challenges

  1. Welcome to the Club - Defeat 5 villagers with Militia-line units (Start in Any Age)

  2. Pedestrian Challenge - Win a Skirmish of Multiplayer game with an Infantry Civ (Pick an infantry civ, check tech tree to see how a civ is classified) Or just pick Goths

  3. Moving Trees - Gather 6000 wood in a single skirmish or multiplayer match

  4. Rain of Destruction - Destroy 2 town centers with Onagers

  5. Wololo! - Convert 40 units

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