Return of Rome has the weakest campaigns I've ever seen

With every other campaign/expansion, I’ve usually only played one scenario a night. In RoR, especially the two “harder” campaigns, I’m blasting through two or three a night. Can the next expansion not be a rip off? I mean, seriously, if I can do three scenarios in two hours, I haven’t gotten my money’s worth. I might as well be buying the DLC for Call of Duty.

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It literally took me an hour and to get through the first two Trajan scenarios, and that involved a nice long smoke break and making a beverage. And it includes the time it took me to pull up this page and start the new thread. Seriously WEAK.


Well, I can’t even beat the first Sargon scenario.

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Are you playing on Hard Difficulty?

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No, Normal difficulty.

Not you. The OP. 20 characters.

Oh, sorry. It wasn’t clear.

Yes, you even have the achievement of completing Trajan’s first mission in less than 10 minutes… Calculate that in 1-2 hours you will complete the entire campaign…

Build many barracks and towers, and destroy approaching catapults as you expand…

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Sargon was challenging. The other two are not.

Not yet. I beat them and then move on to the next difficulty and play again. Standard difficulty should at least be a little challenging. All I did with Pyrrhus (and all I’ve done so far with Trajan) is wait for troops to train so I can walk over the enemy. I literally walked through all of Pyrrhus (three sword difficulty) in two sittings on Wednesday night. If you look back to any of the other three-sword campaigns in Age 2, none of them were walk-overs, even on standard difficulty.

That was my point, I feel cheated/ Scammed with this DLC.


I love the epic battle in Pyrrhus 1 between cyan, blue, purple and red. It’s incredibly rare in AoE for battles of the ancient/classical/medieval period to be portrayed that accurately, usually “battles” are presented as a handful of units destroying buildings. :joy:

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Why wouldn’t you always just play on hard from the start? It saves so much time, makes it most likely to be challenging, and gives you the gold medals first try.

Because I’m not great at this game. So, when I say a campaign is weak, it really is. Besides, my computer isn’t up to speed for AOE 4, and I don’t much care for AOE3, so I have to get the most that I can from AOE 2. So I progress through the difficulty levels.

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You could explore ranked multiplayer if you want another way of getting more out of the game. It might take a while to reach your true elo, but once you’re there, you can get a lot of fun games.

A game should not be judged primarily by how hard it is.

Many people like games that are less hard.


Campaigns are for every skill level if you dont find it challenging just increase the difficulty simple.Look at the mongol first campaign mission its simple but sets up the story nicely.

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I agree with you completely, but this entire EP was a walkthrough with the exception of the Sargon campaign and the last level of Trajan (I kept not getting to the wonder in time), they were insanely easy. When I’m playing it on standard and finishing an entire campaign in one night, it’s weak. I’m not very good at this game. I struggled at least at one point or another during every single campaign in the AoE2 catalogue, some of which I still haven’t finished on anything but standard difficulty. I didn’t struggle at all except for the ones mentioned above. So out of three campaigns–15 or 16 scenarios, I forget–I was challenged by five of them, maybe six. This is uncharacteristic of the franchise. It comes off, to me, as quite a letdown.

I’m not talking about a single weak scenario. Trajan had one challenging scenario. Pyrrhus had none. Sargon is the only redeeming quality this EP has to offer. I don’t remember ever being this disappointed with an expansion pack.

Maybe the difficulty levels are just balanced differently. Just play on a harder one, and don’t worry about it much. If easy is too easy, it doesn’t really matter, but ultimately, only hard difficulty is the important one. At least in my opinion.