Return of Rome is way too hard

Nice ! So they basically fixed Greeks horrible range ! Even though the composite still outperforms the bowman, which is a great thing.

When I played Greeks then in Iron Age your range would be Helepolis.

However to fix Greeks range support would be if they would introduce slinger upgrades to bronze and iron age.

Here is my idea from another post about slingers:

Bronze Age: Improved/Heavy Slinger

30 HP, 5-6 range, damage 3, pierce armor 2, is effected by melee armor upgrades and damage bonuses are same.

Iron Age: Elite Slinger

35-40 HP, 6-7 range, damage 4, pierce armor 3, is effected by melee armor upgrades and damage bonuses are same.


The same thing happened to me, only that in “standard” AI they only took out some updated units and many basic units, and they barely took out resources. In the “moderate” AI they spammed military units, I played against 4 to test and even though I had the lowest score, they all came with hundreds of units to attack me, the way the AI ​​behaves at those levels was ridiculous.:weary: Come to think of it, it’s like the AI from Age of empires 2 HD​:thinking::roll_eyes:

Played it yesterday… RoR Extreme is easier to beat than AoE2 Extreme, which have been a pain since last patch with godly micro and better compositions…

I got stomped in a Romans vs Mayans, and that feels so wrong

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I don’t play AOE2 much but I thought I read in some recent patch that the AI march their forces in formation like an actual army rather than the weird stream/horde they usually do which I really don’t like.

When I played RoR yesterday they were still fielding their forces in the ‘stream’ manner is it still like that in AOE2:DE as well?

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Oh, I see, I understand your point. But, still Aoe1 mechanics are very different. I think the main reason why ppl find it hard at the moment is because Aoe1 knowledge is not easily found on youtube while aoe 2 has tons of guides out there. Once ppl catch up to Aoe1 builds and meta, I think they will just stomp the AI like they do in Aoe 2.

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I feel the same with this DLC. I’m literally trying to move as fast as I can but then get swamped with about 100 troops or 20 odd ships. It’s impossible to do anything


So are axemen just the equivalent of spearmen then? That’s useful to know.

They are halfway between a (feudal age) spearman and a man at arms. They only do +4 against cavalry and do well against a small number of slingers, which is the aoe1 version of skirmishers.

I haven’t properly tested their interaction with knights (the unit with the way too generic name of “cavalry”) yet. The knight line deal +5/+6/+7 damage to barracks infantry (including axemen) as always, whereas the bonus damage of axemen against cavalry units is only since Return Of Rome.

It is a little bit of both: many people are new to this game, and the lower AI difficulties in aoe2ror are way too strong. If it were like aoe2de, the easiest AI should make at most 10 villagers and have a very poor eco and late age up times. I expect anyone who play aoe2de to make at least 40 villagers.

Besides, not everyone who play aoe2de is stomping even the hard AI. And I am pretty sure any aoe2de player who stomp the aoe2de hardest AI will stomp the aoe2ror extreme AI after a couple of game. For these player it is easy to realize that they should use a villagers to scout their surrounding and lure elephants. Plus there is a lot of deers and berries next to the starting TC (more than aoe1 and aoe1de), which makes it easier for them to not lag too much behind the AI in term of early food. And after the early game, they know how to farm-boom and make lot of army.


Thank you everyone for the feedback, we’re investigating the AI-player behavior on lower difficulty levels.
We understand that this is very important to get right and your constructive feedback is helpful.


Yeah, exactly what I do in early game, just scout around with 1 or 2 vills for resource and there will be a lot of food to collect, and hunting elephants will also give a lot of food to boom, it helps me a lots to get pass first age and second age, so yeah early scouting is very important.

I managed to beat Extreme AI on my second game. I would say the AI isn’t that hard even on Extreme, maybe because I’m used to extreme AI on aoe2 but yeah aoe1 extreme AI ain’t much different, so assume lower difficulty isn’t that hard once ppl get used to meta and builds.

Also, I found that standard AI is very passive and most of the time they wouldn’t send army to attack me while I already have like 8-9 bowmen ready to raid. Maybe just my personal experience.

I found the same thing FearfulSugar350. In Standard, I built a barracks near the Carthaginian Town Center, and raided and destroyed them. I beat them by 4 times the points.

Robsjw, what level difficulty did you use?

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No there isn’t. Only vs Bowmen.

I tried the standard difficulty yesterday, and it didnt feel much differet from the extreme AI.

I didnt compare age up times and didnt play the same civ & map, but it felt similar.

Okay, my bad.


The “Standard” difficulty AI in ROR is definitely much harder than the Standard difficulty AI in standard AOE2, particularly because it trains more units. Last game I played and defeated it at about the 50 minute mark (I wound up just building a wonder), the Stats screen showed the AI had a largest army of 96.

Standard difficulty AI should not have an army of 96 units in under an hour.


My verdict on the AI (admittedly based on only one game, since I’ve mostly been playing the campaigns): it’s about as tough on hard as the AoE2 AI on hard. However, I don’t know any build orders for Return of Rome, whereas I do for AoE2, so I guess it’s actually somewhat easier.

One major difference with Return of Rome is that it’s much easier to press an advantage early in the game, because villagers can’t shoot from a garrisoned town centre. I guess this means that players who successfully execute any kind of rush will find it easier overall, whereas those who don’t and get attacked by the AI first will find it harder.


Yes, I am no good with rushes or early aggression. I’m usually too busy trying to keep my economy flowing to have time to build up military and attack the enemy. I’m this way in AoE2 as well.


If AI can spam units from every production building without need of resources I am not sure how effective rush can be. Because thats what I felt in those Sargon 1-3 campaign and I was playing with moderate difficult.


I’m only talking about random map games, where the AI needs resources and never cheats. A reasonably well-executed rush can disrupt their economy very effectively. Campaign scenarios are different, and rushes are less likely to be useful or even possible in those.

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Yes, I’m watching the campaigns on YouTube and the AI seems very reactive…

Yeah, it’s like AoE 3…