Return to a great old game

I recently came across some videos of competitive AOE2 play, and it brought back good memories. I played competitively online 20 years ago, using the servers linked to the home screen in the game.

I still have the old disks and packaging, but they don’t work great anymore. Not sure if I need some patches or should just buy the newer definitive edition. I also want to make sure I can find the the best multiplayer servers before I buy anything.

I’m asking where is the best place to get the game? What is the best way to get onto good servers? Are there any discounts available for people who own the original?

Buy Definitive Edition from Steam. It is far superior to old versions, improving heavily and the future of AOE 2. You can’t get any discounts for owning original game.


Everything he said.
Steam > all

You can play on voobly with the original game, most hardcore players still state that this is the best platform to play it (its p2p tho). But right now the competitive scene is playing the Definitive Edition.

Currently there is a mod to port all the HD expansions except the Definitive Edition (which I heard they are working on to port this aswell) called wololo kingdoms.
HD expansions (steam):
The forgotten
African kingdoms
Rise of the rajas