Returning after 10 month break

Hey guys, some of you may remember me Torgrimmer from the insider club the first DE beta as the disabled HIstory buff well I’m back. A lot has happened. I lost my grandmother step father and my dad all die in t he last 10 months plus i been through 3 surgeries. Life been ruff, but I’m back, and ready to test, play and get out of my depression and have fun with my family again. Love you guys. Thanks for letting me come back.



Sorry for your loss brother, life is tough and I hope you are doing well. You have been through a lot and I cannot tell you it’s gonna get better, I simply do not know that. All I can do is to encourage you to push yourself to greatness. Embrace your friends and always keep someone at close company.

We are here for you and I am glad you’re back playing to what gives you joy.

God bless you brother.


What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger.
Welcome back


Welcome back mate! I remember you way back when AOE DE came around and I was way more active at the forums. Hopefully you will find tons of people playing and so on. :smiley:

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