Review the Elephants - Buff and Nerf

Elephants in general in AoE2 are very rarely used in serious disputes … except perhaps only the Malay, because they have a discount on the elephant’s manufacturing cost.

I have never seen a Persian use elephants in a competitive game, most likely because it is the most expensive elephant and because they are easily fought by monks or spearmen.

But then what could be done to make elephants more attractive in strategy in a more competitive setting?

I would like elephants to receive Nerfs in their status in some way in order to receive Buff, which in this case will be to reduce the cost of making them, making them cheaper, but even more expensive than cavalry.

So it would be the player’s decision to use heavy cavalry for mobility and armor or to use elephants even though they are slower than a cavalry, but can trample and have a little more life.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

If a change in this direction has to be made, the real issue is that monks will make ANY individually strong unit in the game become bad. And your solution’s only effect is making the elephants become just a reskin of heavy cavalry.
Could instead limit the maximum amount of monks, or give monks such a population that spawning more than 3-4 is counter-productive.
Also, have you ever thought defending your elephants from enemy monks with your own monks? Counter-convert right after conversion.

They could buff them to rapidly destroy walls.

War Elephants are fine in competitive Team Games. Eles are indeed used. They are now used as one bulk of strong force instead of fighting small force.
Problem is with Battle Elephants which are hard to mass(my personal wish is to give Indians Battle Elephants). Only Malay can mass now. Damage output right now all fine except slightly reduce the price. Like -10f(tho Malay gets more stronger with this) or keep it same as it is now. Don’t nerf atleast. 11

Yea, Indians should be getting Battle Elephants. They are an elephant civ after all.


The Persians and Khmer are already very powerful civilizations even without the elephant units.

Persians can use the Persian Douche to end the game in the darkage by dropping their stronger TC next to another one. Faster Town Centers, better economy, even ageing up faster. Khmer don’t need to make buildings to age up.

Someone who’s a pro playing as Persians would rush you with knights before they get the elephants out, if not ever. Elephants become the king of the game in closed map like black forest, michi or scenarios with infinite resources. Because if you’re facing Persians, who have 200 plus war elephants, you are in a lot of trouble.

Imagine facing this. Persians, Khmer, Turks and Koreans. Infinite resources.

The other team are only Huns. Who wins?

It makes no sense what you say.
To beat elephants one must use the units that are made to kill them. In short, if you make only elephants the enemy makes only monks and pikemen, he will beat all his elephants … remember that your enemy will not stand still, kidding farm, waiting for you calmly build your army of 200 elephants.
On top of that, you are using infinite resources, this fits into more casual matches and not more serious match matches, usually people play more traditional maps if they are going for something more competitive.

If elephants were all you say, no one would use cavalry anymore, everyone would just use elephants.

to be clearer.

You know that if the monks have certain upgrades searched (theocracy), they waste no time in converting multiple units, for example, 5 monks can convert 5 elephants almost instantly after a few seconds.

if the rival player only makes 200 elephants and the other player makes 150 monks and some 50 spearmen to block the advance, you can see that almost the entire elephant army will be converted almost instantly after a few seconds.

There are also other units that can effectively fight elephants (see video above). Either way, nothing is impossible to beat in AoE2.

Khmer nowhere near powerful. In fact they are considered the worst civ in the game.

I played it. They even had counter civs. It meant nothing. The pop was 1000 pop. I alone had 950 war elephants and 40 bombard canons. My other allies were all Khmer. We had about 4000 elephant units on the field. I don’t play the base game anymore much, because I find it boring.

Basically, nothing could stop it. Monks, they die in seconds. Pikemen die in seconds. Monks take lot of micromanaging. Bombards canons blast monks away.

In a normal serious game. I made very few War Elephants. Most of my army were scout, pikemen, and knights. And some bombards.

1v1s only. They can be very powerful in teamgames, their elephants being a large part of that.

In late game, in deathmatch - where elephants are heavily used - Khmer are one of, if not the single best civ in the game.

A detail you do not know. Monks no longer need micromanagement, they waste no more time converting units, but accumulate the time to convert the next unit instantly (upgrade to theocracy) … from what you say, it seems you never faced another player, just the “computer-AI”.

It makes no sense to try to make the elephants strong in some specific mode of play … it just demonstrates how bad the elephants are, if they only need to play in a specific mode to maybe win.

–> And it’s not to me that you should say this … ask a professional Persian player why they don’t use Persian elephants in championships or competitive matches and you’ll know why.

TheMax used Persian War Elephants during ECL last weekend, so you’re wrong. They’re rare, but not every unit needs to be common.

Precisely because it is rare. Among many battles, only very rare matches, some player has the “courage” to use … because this fear of using something that should be good or is it bad to the point that most of the time the player ignores the possibility of use.