Revival of the tower rush (seriously?)

ok so you have 2 archers, towers and a rax and a archery range for how many resources? is the sicilian doing nothing? and i disagree, the archer is only doing 2 damage, how is the sgt useless? you can literally just stand there and almost ignore the archers, shots missing, while you kill their vils

im not saying they’re OP but its no where near as weak as you say.

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Yes, he is throwing away 200 Stone for 1 Tower, while I have 2 for just 50 more Stone.

more of a three trick pony. That, or feudal donjon pressure into serjeant+forward siege, or scouts into knights and siege.

I think you also consider it wrong. If your opponent brings vils to build donjons, he made something wrong. He should first build a defencive or map control donjon and then come forward with serjeants., which can also battle down your defensive tower.
If played like this the donjon rush is definetely stronger than a common tower rush, taking away the potential to stop it immediately with defensive towers + some military. It comes later but it is also much more potent, because donjon rushing doesn’t damage the eco.

This is compensated somehow in the higher cost of both the serjeant and the donjon compared to militia and donjon to the tower.
Unlike to the standard trush the donjon rush doesn’t cost you the game if it fails, of course this must be compensated in higher cost, But the cost is actually not that higher, it’s 60 % res for 40 % health, +5 garrison capacity and a production building.
And donjons scale insane with the ages, their secondary projectiles do extra damage vs stone defences aswell. That’s also one of the reasons you want to make this in castle age; other towers stand no chance against their bonus damage then.

I don’t think the other two options are that potent, like the fc first crusade (fc fc xD). If you fail to make them work early, which is more likely lacking a good eco, you stand no chance in the lategame.
It has a reason you usually only scout rush with civs like franks or mongols atm, because you need to hit the enemy early with scouts.
But of course, if you can make it work it works, for me it doesn’t worked so far.
The feudal donjon was also not that convincing, more like a trush with some pros and tradeoffs as I stated earlier.

Oh top of that, serjeant build donjons slower than villagers. Noticeably slower. In my simple test it almost take 2 serjeant to match the build speed of one villager. Build speed in Trush is very important, 200 stone aside, if you can’t get the tower up soon, trush will be denied and you will be way behind.

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At that point, I am Walled and have Knights, so those Serjeants will just be devoured for breakfast.

Tower Rush means first Tower is in the opponent’s Town, otherwise it is too slow, and it will fail miserably.

I think you haven’t encountered the fc donjon rush yet.

I made a teamgame pocket and donjon rushed in imp actually. It worked really well, the opponents didn’t have any answer to it. Ok they tried to ram them down, which is a silly move against the serjeants and the cav was not enough to stop the flood - but anyways, once the donjons were up, they stood no chance.

I think my donjons actually raised 30-40 buildings in that game. It’s hard to say because the serjeants did good aswell, but I think they were more effective in raiding. Serjeants are an insane raiding unit in Imp. Not OP, but if you flood the base, they can be almost as effective as the goth spam.

Pretty much necessary balance since with serjeants you don’t waste villager time. Also they can’t get startled while building unlike villagers.

Serjeant spamming donjons in the enemy trade sounds like an easier TG strat than trying to go straight for them in feudal tbh.