Revo mechanic which must be reviewed for mexico

hey, i’m creating this post to talk a bit about the mechanic of the revo for mexico, i really think that the revo should not allow to passes age automatically ( for exemple revolt age 2 means you are age 3 and then cancel the revo and you are age 4 ), with this mechanic we can have just indecent timing like FI at 7min45, I mean everyone knows it’s way too strong (especially with the good age 4 cards that Mexico has)
I think the revolt should be a real game strategy and not a way to age up more quickly, this design is really not good in my opinion

I would like to know the opinion of the people here


I feel the idea is that early revolutions destroy your economy so it takes longer to revert (even with the same cost as normal age up).
But it does not seem to work that way. So the reverting should require more resources than a regular age-up and take much longer.

I would also prefer if you would go +1 Age when going back to Mexico instead of +2.
+1 Age would also be much cheaper and Revolutions would be less of a commitment.
It’s also stupid that you don’t have access to Fortress Age Upgrades but then directly skip to Industrial Age.

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is it actually possible to revert back by 7 mins?

the central america revolt provides an eco boost but both revolts stun your eco quite a bit.

we could just also increase the time it takes to revert back to mexico.

or make it not increase the age counter but then it should be like half the cost to revert (since you already spent 900 resources on the revolt)

look this, start at 1h45min

Watch how is broken

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This makes much sense.
Revolts are cheap and fast because most of them are emergency or military all-in strategies. But when it comes to Mexico it simply becomes a faster age-up.
Unless constant revolting and reverting is seriously punished (more than it is now), this is not going to work as intended.

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interesting, the ele strikes again.

But from this I can definitely think of a few things to change

The less intrusive option is to remove the advance revolution card that was used. Way too much value for an age 1 card, worth like 1100 resources in how he used it. I was wondering how he managed to get 2000 food and 1200 coin with the revolt eco. That alone should slow it down to the point of FI at like 10-11 mins since he only has 20 vils and can’t make any during the period. That and maybe/also reduce the revolt bonus from 7vils iirc to 6 vils.

The second option would be to put a cooldown from revolt to revert, maybe 2 mins, but I think thats not that great.

third is to do what I suggested before and just make the revert to the same age but with half the cost.

I don’t think is that OP, when revolting you basically freeze your eco by not making more villagers. Even if you can FI you will have nothing to do vs boomer civs because they will be much higher than you.


check out the resource value on Mexico’s age 4 military shipments and get back to us


Another option is to rush México as fast as you can, as they have some trouble massing units. Leaving them no room to do any weird revo.

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you can’t lol, you need to deal 11500hp in 7min30 for counter the revo with a rush…
Its freeze your eco yes, but do you see the same game than me ? :smiley: I mean i played againt aiz and he just FI at 7min30, do you think freezing your eco like 1min or 1 min 30 i a weak point especially when the revo give you 7 vills btw ( 7 VILLS BETTER THAN FREEZING ECO FOR LIKE 1MIN OR 1MIN30 ), do you understand now ^^


I don’t understand why you need to deal 11.5K HP, TC’s are typicall 6.5k HP. That’s the only building you need to focus to force your opponent to train army and delay the revolution thing.

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because haciendas ( 5k hp ) has shipment point and the revo is just too fast, like really really fast, i mean he can revo at 4min30 if he want and then if he lost tc just shipping 700w and rebuild and ship unit etc

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Well, that’s a huge delay. At least 3 min without TC, maybe go age 3 and get cannons too?

When Mexico revolts it’s all-in, if they fail they are pretty much dead.

I’m sure players will find ways to counter Mex, right now is a new thing but it won’t be for long. For example, I think best way to counter age 2 revolt is with skirmishers type unit because they have only musk, maybe you should train some hussars to hunt cannon. Let your opponent push to TC and snipe units.

As I said, when they fail they have a hard time recovering without villagers.

you not understand ^^, player revo for age 4 at 7min30 not for rushing or all in

Well, with more reason. If he goes for FI, you may need to rush at 5:30 directly to generate as much damage as possible to avoid him going age 4. After the push, you should go to age 3.

Que tal si al regresar a México tardas el doble de tiempo y solo podes pasar a la siguiente edad.

Age 2 - Revolucion - Age 3 - age 4 - age 5
Age 2 - Revolucion - Age 3 - Revolucion - age 4 - age 5
Age 2 - Revolucion - Age 3 - Revolucion - age 4 - Revolucion - age 5

Otra opción es que solo puedas revolucionar una vez.
Obviamente Yucatán - Mayas es una excepción :slightly_smiling_face:

¿Les parece que esto lo resolvería?

I think most of the revolutions are fine, what people are complaining about is the central america revolution that’s used to quickly go to age 4.
The issue with that revolution in particular is it gives you 7 villagers which completely makes up for the time that you cannot train villagers because you will age up directly to industrial, if people used the other age 2 revolution for example then it’d be a lot slower because they’d have 7 less villagers gathering resources towards aging to 4.
Central America also has another card that gives you an extra villager for each shipment sent so you can end up with more villagers than you’d normally have had just training them and be in age 4 where you can then send age 4 shipments which currently for mexico are too strong.
People also use the cheaper revolution and return to mexico card which is an age 1 card and can save you many resources.

I think the solution is to move the card that gives you cheaper revolts to age 2, that’ll slow the build down a lot. Maybe reduce the amount of villagers you recieve with central america down to 6 and of course the age 4 shipments need nerfing so they send less units and are more in line with other age 4 shipments worth about 1600 resources. Possibly increase the age up time to return to mexico if you’ve revolted within the last 3 minutes or something.

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Already watched and damn, AOE 3 DE every new civ is bringing power creeping lol, give time and that strat will flood MP
Wish if FE do civs like AOE 2 DE DOTD (well designed and balanced).

I agree the shortcutting to age 4 is really degenerate, even more so given that rev discount + jalapeno cards in age 1 to get there so fast.

I would prefer they got +1 age but I doubt they will do something so drastic.