Revolt in the main Civ campaign


I wanted to ask if there is a way to modify the campaign civs so that revolts are possible (just like in European civs).

My main idea is to be able to:

  1. Change the flags of the buildings and HC at some point during the game (within a campaign).
  2. Change the deck and the cards that can be sent in the middle of a campaign scenario.

Can this be done?

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To enable revolutions to the civs,y ou will need to modify the Age0 of it.
Civs like Malta ( SPCAct1 ) dont even have an age4, so you would also need to give it an age4.


  1. Just follow the mexican " Revolution " system.
  2. Same as 1

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve tried doing what you suggest, but it seems to be a little more complicated than I thought.
By trying to replace “Age0SPCAct1” with “Age0Spanish” in the Civmods file I have managed to unlock the “Revolution” technologies (such as Argentina or Peru), but in the “SPCAct1” civ the revolutions seem to work only as ordinary technologies. Neither the flags nor the HC cards change.

I have also tried adding a tech that activates “DERevolutionMXCentralAmerica”. However, this only activates the technologies in that branch. This does not change the flags nor does it change the civ cards for civs that are not European (such as Spain, France, Germany, etc.). For the civs that do have revolutions this works just fine and you get all of the changes, but this doesnt work for civs such as SPCAct1 or the Asians.

In a nutshell, revs seem to work completely on the preset civs, and I am not able to rev on civs such as japan or china (which are not rev preset).

I wanted to know if advanced programming is necessary to achieve this, or if it is possible to do full revolutions (with changes of flags and cards) in civilizations such as Japan, China or the civs from the main campaign?

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You have to add revolt deck and cards to homecity file too.

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