Revolt more than once

I’m pretty sure I’m “stuck on stupid” here but I am trying to get through the new Fiesta Mexicana Event and on challenge 10 you are supposed to revolt 3 times. Once I revolted once, I didn’t see the option to revolt any more. How do you revolt a second or third time?

Don’t worry about the third time you will have won by the time you do the second.

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You revolt in 3 different games if you want.

you shouldnt be able to revolt more than 2 times a game even as mexico.

the challenge most likely refers to multiple games, otherwise its impossible.

yeah you need 3 game for that

OK, now it makes more sense…three different games. I tried to Google it many different ways and found a lot of information about revolting, but never how to do it more than once…I guess it’s because you can’t.

Thanks for the information!

mexico can revolt twice the following ways:

revolt in age 2 and then revert, then revolt again.

revolt in age 3 to yucutan and then revolt to maya.

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I just completed it. 3 different games. Thanks again!

BTW, in case anyone didn’t know you can resign after you revolt (or after you complete any of the challenges, for that matter) and finish the challenge much faster (rather than playing each game to the end).

That’s probably old news, can you tell that I haven’t played for a long, long time and am just now getting back into AOE?