Revolts : gain the option of not all-in in most revolts?

I had a though, it could be nice to have for all revolt to access to revolt options without the all-in aspect for most of them systematically without having a word on it.

Still having the option of “classical” revolt, by a free “ship fast” card to send to get your settlers into revolutionaries for example in revolt deck.
The idea is to gain an access to revolt deck without putting your eco into the ground, espacially in treaty which make almost all revolts not-viable for this reason.

I mean, it’s an easy way to have more options, and more options is more contents, right ?

I don’t see any case where it would be a negative idea, but I’m biaised as I prefer treaty so I’ll be glad to see what would be bad here.

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

I had an idea to rework Hungary into a German only revolt with an option to take an additional era, the compromise of 1867, which would basically be the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. It would be much more Hungarian in its appearance with a replacement of the Grenzer with the Honved.

For Russia/Turkey Serbia could be a good replacement.

Think of it as a German version of the French Revolution.

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