Revolution "Civs" - units in own languages?

Hey everyone,

One possible suggestion I have regarding the 16 Revolutionary Civs in AOE3 DE: Is it possible to have civilian/miitary units speak their own language? Currently, they still speak the language of their colonizer after they rebel.

Some suggestions:

  • Magyar AOE2 dialogue could be used for the Hungarian Revolution Civ.
  • Berber AOE2 dialogue for Barbary States (I believe some related military units already use that dialogue)
  • Malay AOE2 dialogue for Indonesia
  • Romanian & Finnish dialogue? I believe there are Finnish Mercenary units that exist.
  • Some Revolutionary Civs are available to multiple European Civs, but their villagers retain the language of the European Civs from which they rebel (e.g. United States is available for British, Dutch & Swedish, but U.S. villagers don’t all speak American English like in the Campaigns)
  • Canada to have both English & French irrespective of which of the two from Britain or France they rebel from?
  • Brazilian Portuguese distinct from European Portuguese?
  • Afrikaans for South Africa? (Civ flag is of the Transvaal Republiek)
  • Different accents of Spanish for Argentina, Chile, Gran Colombia, Mexico & Peru?
  • Haitian Creole for Haiti & all units with African skin tones ?

Another idea: Maybe it would be great to have civ themes for these 16 nations as well that could play upon declaring independence? Maybe the first few bars of the national anthems or the last lines of the chorus?


To be honest I’d love to see them more fleshed out than just as revolution like Wars of Liberty did.

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