[REVOLUTION GUIDE] - All Revolutionaries Analisys By Nation - DLC OUT

Sup guys, i always want to make a more detailed guide like this, and since i loved the revolutions, I will try to make a more unique one. But as you know, there’s a LOT of things even in a single revolt / revolution, so for this first guide, i’ll only cover the Revolutionary unit, or anything similar.

First, let’s see just how a revolutionary army works.

Usually you get a “CANNON FODDER” cheap unit that usually is the REVOLUTIONARY, and a “HEAVY WEIGHT” unit that can be an upgraded unit (like the Chile Death Hussar ) or a new one (Like the infamous Argentinian Granadero Montado). Both kind of units are in almost all revolutions, making it’s own options a combo (like USA Revolutionaries and cowboys, Barbary pirates and Corsair marksman, etc), with little exception (Finland for Ex).

So, for this guide, i’ll only look over the possibilities in the “Cannon Fodder” unit, the revolutionary and ALL it’s variations, not includint the new DLC Mexican ones. So, let’s start.

My AOE3 is in Brazilian Portuguese, but i’ll make an effort to make a good translation for you.


[Germans to Argentina] - Germans don’t have good buffs for heavy infantry, ONLY a church upgrade, that gives more speed at the cost of 10% more expensive creation cost. Argentinian Revolutionary gains a good boost in speed, making the second fastest revolutionary possible (Pirate Barbary Warrior still beats), but no unique buffs to combat in any way. Not a good variation here.

[Germans to Colombia] - By default Germans don’t get the musketeer, but revolting for colombia, makes it possible to create a variation called “Indepence Guard”, that by default is slower than normal. Germans can make it faster than Portugal and Spain variant, and again, at an incrased cost. You could NOT USE the church upgrade in this case to keep the cost cheap.

[Germans to Hungary] - Now we’re talking something. Grenzer looks weaker in some stats specially his HP, but his 16 RANGE makes by far the strongest revolutionary. Here I think the germans got a more significant impact with it speed, since with 16 range and 6.5 Speed, he can kite like a pro easilly, making even some cavalry (would be suicide anyway), having trouble to close the gap.


[British to Egypt / USA] - Since has no difference betwen the revolutionary itself, i’ll make only one post in this case. Those are by far the tankiest in this list, although at the cost of some speed, almost matching a musketeer. With the right card, you can make them in houses. It’s possible to Zerg with them like this. Good thing they use the same cards you use for your normal infantry, making somehow a Natural Transition to the unit.

[British to South Africa / Canada] - They don’t change their villagers to revolutionaries… right?? Isn’t that good??


That’s a lot

[Spanish to Argentina / Chile] - Again, i’ll make only one post over those two, since they end the same. With the spanish rework / addittions, their revolutionary became the most damaging one. Remember they got a 2x against cavalry ON RANGE, making a somehow cheap and OP counter. With their church tech and the new card to incrase training and speed, they end with the default speed again. For me, it’s the best revolutionary around, a good HP and the most attack of all.

[Spanish to Peru] - It’s the same revolutionary as the last one but with the grenade attack, if was good before… Peninsular Guerrilas, affect the grenade attack too, compare with Portugal below.

[Spanish to Colombia] - Now, here i feel a great difference from the last patch. It’s still not Portugal variant (ahead), but OMG how they got close now. The “peninsular guerrilas” gives an attack almost as good as Portugal. The idea is use him with the “Laneros” Cavalry unit, to counter each other weakness.

One more

[Spanish to Mexico] - A different revolutionary, Charro is like a hybrid of a Dragoon and a Lancer. His anti infantry and cavalry makes him very versatile, and the “Bandido” unit cover his weakness very well. Also, he’s able when the revolt starts, and if you need, you can gather from herdables, don’t having to ship other cards (Like Brazilian Jagunço for ex). Problem it’s the high card cost to make it top tier. 5 pre revolt cards plus a Mexican one.
Looks for his XP, if it’s 10 or 12 max. It’s a Cannon fodder… About 20 or more? Heavy Weight.


[French to USA] - The french, like the germans don’t get many upgrades for heavy infantry and here, USA feel the most. Even having a good 31 attack (was the best, before spanish reworks), the low life, makes almost impossible to make a real impact, and still costing 100 food, this variant it’s not good as the british one, nor even the swedish one. Go for cowboys as soons as you can.

[French to Haiti] - Now, this 50 HP more, makes it almost on par with the spanish variants before. Was the most balanced before the patch… still is somehow, since don’t need many shipments. It’s a “card cheap” unit and still a solid unit by itself. Of course, It was made to go togheter with the haitian pirate to best effect so don’t forget.

[French to Canada] - Their villagers don’t became revolutionaries.


[Dutch to USA] - Only i think that the Dutch infantry card, makes all that -1 hp annoying?? Well… at least it got the other 249 HP, It’s a good amount, 2 cards price. USA don’t end lacking because of this… of course, it’s not a 290 British variant, but 250, will make its presence noted. I call this a “default”. Less than this, it’s weak, more than this, strong.

[Dutch to Brazil] - Ok, i’m a little simp here… but Brazil could be at the top 3 best revolutionaries. Not by it’s stats, of course, since by this, it’s by far the worse, and could only hope to beat the Dorobant. Brazil got the cake here, because the TC keeps doing it infinetly. Dutch and Portugal, got the same variant in the end, about 150 HP, 15 attack, and because his Zerg Nature, It’s always annoying to deal with. If paired with the “Jagunço”. Trust me… you’ll NEVER beat Brazil. Both nations only need 2 cards to reach this stats.

[Dutch to Indonesia] - Indonesia it’s funny, at first, i believe they didn’t got a normal revolutionary, but they got 2. The “classic one” it’s only available at the TC. Making a default one, like the USA. I would prefer this one actually.

[Dutch to Indonesia 2] - But they revolt with the lancer… something like a Pikeman, but costing FAR MORE than it’s worth it, with little attack, at least decent speed. But forget it… it’s useless… The Pirate Barbary Warriors are somehow similar, but got stats and speed. Here, I really don’t know why this unit exist. Need a rework. Could be interesting pairing him with the revolutionary. But at the same price and with this stats?? Get out of my face.

[Dutch to South Africa] - Their Villagers don’t became revolutionaries.


[Ottomans to Hungary] - Grenzer, Mah Boy… Even getting a somehow useless buff for them, 2x against cavalry in melee (he got on ranged too), it still a great unit. Since his most powerfull stat is the range, there’s no “weak grenzer”, and the Ottoman plan is to combo with the Magyar Hussar. Here, he got a more supportive role than in the german side. Strong as always.

[Ottomans to Egypt] - There’s a heavy infantry to use with the ottomans, and surelly, it’s not the egyptan revolutionary, but the Nizam Fuzilier. You see how 4 range can affect an unit like this?? His attack can be upgrade to the default 27, and 10% more life… Again, the cavalry bonus, is useless here. Only try to not lose them so fast, but even trying this is hard with this unit.

[Ottoman to Barbary States] - Wow…After some reworks this unit became AMAZING. A good attack, a good price, and the Ottoman mosque bonus, got a use here, since it got a normal advantage against cavalry. Somehow, i only think, this unit should be a “SHOCK INFANTRY”. It would make the ottomans infantry sufficient… a Heavy one (janizary), a Shock one (Barbary Warrior), and a Light One (Corsair marksman).
Again, this unit is the FASTEST revolutionary, but his function is to Raid. Looks his 2x bonus against villager, and is better front line than some other melee infantry.

[Ottoman to Romania] - I was so happy writting about the Barbary, that i forgot this… thing. When you look at the stats, Dorobant looks like a default revolutionary, BUT… His range… is F#@%@$ TEN!!! 10 RANGE. And as you see, even the “HP TRADE” that he got, it’s still inferior to almost all the others. The problem is that his low HP don’t make for it even when you face veteran musketeers since EVERYONE, got those 2 more range, a lot of dorobants die EVEN BEFORE THEY GIVE THE FIRST SHOT, and remember, he costs the same 100 food as the others. I like the dorobant, his white uniform, makes one of the most unique revolutionaries but when i use Romania, I can only go for the Valaquian Cavalry without this unit to suport, since it dies TO FAST… all the other at least give a shot before dying… Dorobant need more range or something else.


[Portugal to Brazil] - A classic tale. Since i simp at the dutch, i won’t here, but Portugal can make the 99 villagers, having an initial push stronger than the Dutch, falling later at the same cliff. Voluntario makes it for being free… and in Portugal case, having more TC before revolting. A solid unit, for it’s constant annoyance.

[Portugal to Indonesia] - The “default variation”. 250 HP. Indonesia again lacking the good revolutionary at the start. At least Portugal keep the good stats of the better revolutionary.

[Portugal to Peru] - Same as before, but Peru can get the grenade attack… Spanish variation got plus 20 HP and more attack making it the definitive version. You can’t go wrong with this version, but since this is the best revolutionary Peru got from portugal and the “Dragoon Combat” don’t affect the “Morochucco” << Peru Heavy Weight Unit, makes Peru at least for now, not a Revolution with good support cards from Portugal.

[Portugal to Barbary States] - Somehow i like this revolution. There’s no difference from the Ottoman variation besides the mosque cavalry bonus. The Infantry life that Portugal gives, only affect Musket infantry, making the Barbary Warrior the best possible, with the default upgrades, and the speed upgrade given from the “Arsenal” card.

[Portugal to Indonesia 2] - This Mofo again… Now he got even worse. As you see, the Dutch card, affects infantry, and again, the Portuguese one affects musket infantry only, making this even more fragile than the Dutch. I only think the dorobant is worse, because I expect something from dorobant. But at age 4 to imperial, an expensive unit like this, with this life and attack. OMG. Get out of my face… AGAIN!!

[Portugal to Colombia] - Oh my… a breath of fresh air… Colombia instead of a normal revolutionary, gives you an upgrade to musketeers… and Portugal embrace it with all its might. Now this is a revolutionary Unit, and to make it even better, the “Dragoon Combat” Cards, affect the Lanero, colombian Heavy Weight, making this an essential card to have. I Believe Colombia is the definitive Revolution for Portugal, not Brazil. EVERYTHING sinergizes better with Colombia.


[Russia to Finland] - I believe Russia was sanctioned before all those problems… and this is the evidence. Karelian Jaeger, is not a bad unit actually. Let’s be more precise here…


And this is horrible… Russia and the swedes could use an unit like this since none of them got a 20 range unit, and both need a more safer Skirmisher. But he got a build limit of 99, and it’s NOT AFFECTED by the economic upgrades, AND… AND can only collect from some sources: Plantation, Trees, herdables, berries and hunt, BUT NOT from Mills. It can’t even BUILD plantation or livestock FFS.

You guys remember the first image of this post? Finland don’t get neither the “Cannon Fodder” unit, nor the “heavy Weight” unit. I would prefer to make the villagers again, and let the Jaeger fight. A real shame, I like the design of the unit, I like the Blockhouse Spam, and Finland IT’S THE ONLY NATION THAT CAN HAVE INFINITE WOOD (via one card). This unit in particular needs a little rework. Let him fight. Never a good idea to make villagers your fighters.

[Russia to Romania] - … … I told ya… That was the most heavy sanctions. Dorobant was bad with the Ottomans and it’s bad with Russia too. Somehow, ends with more life than their musketeer. But again, the 10 Range destroys it. Although this stepback, the Valachian archer it’s amazing with Russia. Since it got 2 cards, and a Royal Guard upgrade, Making Romania the Definitive revolution for Russia. It’s still hurt that the Dorobant don’t help here, even with the Siege bonus.

[Russia to Hungary] - Grenzer… do i need to tell you more? Grenzer is an universal blessing. His 16 range, again give Russia, the distance it lacks. Russia could make a combo with the granadier, that is also Royal guard, and hungary gives it 20 range. Grenzer can’t go wrong in any nation.


[Swedes to Finland] - I rant enough already… Any diference for the swedes? No, at least their houses could collect the wood and the Jaegers could build manually the blockhouses (5 blockhouses card is better) but they don’t get the Russian equivalent of the “Sevastopol” card to build faster, and since this is not a villager, karelian won’t build faster even with cards. Sad…

[Swedes to USA] - Here, you only got the default revolutionary with 250 HP. It’s a solid unit, but swedes got a terrible support from other units (the Heavy Weights) with the USA… cowboy ends too weak to provide significant assistance.

And that’s it guys… OMG… take an eternity to make this… and most games, barelly use it… that’s how much i liked the revolt, hope you enjoy… Write about Heavy Weights another time.


Great analyses, it’s always nice to see such deep dives into the game’s mechanics and to know that there are other masochists out there willing to do this kind of stuff.

My experience with Brazilian Revolutionaries was a bit different. Voluntários da Pátria are very easy(and fun) to spam, but they are so fragile and weak that they’re hardly worth it. Even a massive 100+ VdP army can easily be destroyed with just a few cannons. Population space wise, they are very inefficient too.
That doesn’t mean, however, that infinite Portuguese TC and Voluntários spam isn’t one of my favorite troll strategies against the AI though.

I haven’t played them since the latest patch, but I remember they being pretty powerful when combined with Bolivar and his ability to receive shipments wherever he is.


Esta información vale millones.

Fuera de broma, gracias por la información. :smile:
Pregunta, ¿harás lo mismo, pero con las unidades especiales como el usar de la muerte y el “infame” granadero a caballo?

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amazing post, really enjoyed reading it :smiley:
also loved the rants about dorobant and javanese spearman, eventhough i love javanese spearman ^^
i think its a great units for the first push, since its has good siegedamage. But i agree, that i never produce more of them later on.


Wow guys, i’m glad you liked it.

Haha, couldn’t resist, love doing this stuff. When i see some aspects of revolts, only losing the villagers could justify not going for it.

Alegro que te haya gustado
=)… Sí… Voy a hacer


I know it’s an old topic but please mod let it be. How do you play with Romania coming from Russia? OP says it’s the default choice but why? What is it that the Romanians have that cover it for Russia? using the Wallachian Horse Archer in combination with Royal Guards like Grenadier of Cossaks? I mean, what is the best army composition with a Russian civ turned Romanian revolutionary?

Sup… I should made a composition guide for revolts too. I Will some day, I swear.

Well, first of all, Revolutions can only hope to compete with imperial with infinite fort spam. Yes yes, they can use the obus, but again, they sacrifice 4 pop to proper siege, always giving you a tactical edge here. Forts can take WAAAY to long to break, and usually, when they do, you already get another one.

So for Romania, the only REAL threat is light infantry SOMEHOW. Why? Valachian Archer attack is so fast, that he attacks 3 times, when most units attack only one. This alone makes him barelly need much support from other units. Since Dorobant still hitting the gym to be good, you only have the V.H. Archer to go toe to toe, and for the same food cost with similar bonuses. No reason to make more dorobants, that’s for sure.

If you have a good economic recovery, go V.H.Archer + artillery to deal with L.Infantry, and shipping forts. If you get overwelmed by units just flee to the forts… light infantry won’t follow you there. It’s like a slow crawl, but once you get going, you don’t stop anymore. Romania also gives a blockhouse wagon for each shipment (fort or benefit) , making even more annoying to deal with everything.

Got some more reviews in other guides too, if you like


I see, I looked online, especially in this video and the wiki:

And they said that Romania is very good for both the Ottomans and the Russians because of the Rosiori which provides good anti-cavalry, something that both the Ottomans and Russians lack.

I also found out that Romania fixes Russia’s late game weak anti-infantry and anti-cavalry at the same time.

I understand where the anti-cavalry is coming from, but where is the anti-infantry coming from?

Crabat can be a supplement to Cossack, and finally Hajduk are far more better than strelet as they can reach 60 damage (180 vs musketeer), but is that enough to make them dedicated anti-infantry?

I understand that Wallachian Horse Archers are good, but what are they good especially at? in practice I mean, due to the weird way this unit function I assume the standard rules don’t apply for them.

What units Wallachian Horse Archers usually beat, and what units they usually get beaten by?

Also, I heard that Romania is THE choice for Russia, the most viable choice for Russia that is. But how good is Romania for the Ottomans when compared with other options?

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The video is old, plus Drongo doesn’t have much knowledge about revolutions, look at what position he put Argentina in and it’s the Argentina before the Nerfs.

The original Mounted Grenadier was invincible, nothing countered it, it cost 1 population, it cost 120 food and to top it off it only counted as heavy cavalry.

Drongo is a good player, but revolutions are not his forte. :laughing:

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Konahrik1140 don’t simp as much for Argentina as I for Brazil.

But he’s right again, Drongo weren’t a Revolt entusiast. Finland tier 1? SWEDISH one?? My eyes. Actually, the outlaws got some new buffs after his video. Now a lot of those are incredibly competitive. Barbary States are a monster nowadays.

In short, all units, aside from light infantry, and SOMETIMES he can even beat them. Why? 1 Attack per Second. Not sure if he is the only one who attack so fast… but spammable? I’m sure it is. If you can’t break L. Infantry by force, retreat to Fort, or if on attack, make some artillery to deal with.

Hey, es cierto, pero no deberías decirlo. :laughing:

PD: :smile:

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