Revolution strategies

Even though revolutions right now have a lot of potential I see so few people using them in supremacy so I make this post to animate people to share their revolution strategies so more people decide to implement some to their options in the game and with that we can see more variaty. I will start this topic with my own strategy for Argentina from Spain revolution:

I have only tested this strategy in team games so I dont know how good it will be in 1vs1.

First you start as you normally would with Spain (clasic ff with spanish gold), in age 3 you will send refrigeration and unction and start doing like always with lancers or skirmish, once you age to age 4 you will slow down the production of villagers, center in making troops to keep the preasure and build the arsenal and salon, in the salon you will research wild west and in the arsenal you will research incendiary grenades once you revolt. Once you have sent both your factories and have at least 1 homecity shipment to send (if you dont have it research mercantilism in the church before revolting) revolt to argentina and send as first card the granaderos, once they arrive research the incendiary grenades and start harashing the oponent army with the grnaderos with unction, the factories food production will allow you to keep making granaderos while the citiciens card doesnt arrive, once it arrive you only have to estabilice your eco mainly in food and you will have succesfully revolt.

tips: you may want to send Hand Cavalry Combat instead of caballeros if you see that the enemy isnt going to attack soon, that will give a bonus too granaderos; even if you are being pushed hard in age 4 is important to stick to the strategy, once you reolt all your villagers will become revolutionaries and between them, the missionaries, the units that you may have before revolting and the 10 gauchos you will have and strong enough army to push them back untill the granadiers arrive

Pd.: Sorry if its oversimplified but because is in lategame is more a bunch of suggestion to consider if you are going to revolt to argentina than a build order

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With Ottos is sweet bc their free villagers, so as you Advance in ages just make sure you build TC and Pick them in cards and politicians so you Will have more free soldiers after the revolt, and as ussual, just do it with your 2 factories on the Field all ready, building Great bombards, as you revolt you’ll have powefull artillery and a Lot of free soldiers to protect them, it depends on the map or the enemy which civ you choose to revolt, just try them all out as I did!