Revolutionary USA vs USA inconsistencies

While I was at first unhappy with the changes to Revolutionary USA (happy with changes just not Those changes, as I thought them weak). After proper testing I actually quite like them…but…there are a few things I find strange–especially when we compare them to the USA civ itself–and there are a couple of inconsistencies I’d like to address when it comes to the “Continental” cards.
These cards are very similar to the “legion” cards, available to the US (they even represent essentially the same things), and you use some of them to turn your basic roster, into that of the United States roster. But I think a couple of these cards may cause some confusion because they Don’t do the same thing as the Legion cards, but they look the same.
Specifically–Pulaski’s continental cavalry, and Washinton’s continental grenadiers–the first one does the same things as Pulaski’s Legion, but also makes you Hussars cheaper, and the second does the same thing as Washington’s Legio## ### it doesn’t give the arsenal upgrade, which just seems strange. To fix this, I would either make these cards have the same effect as the US ones or add something to the artwork to make it clear they are different.
This is a small thing, but there is also the fact that while the Legion Uhlans are properly Not called Prussian Uhlans–the Revolutionary USA Uhalns Are called Prussian Uhlans–I would argue that neither of these cards should give Uhlans (at least the Uhlans we have), but since they do, it would be nice to if they were consistent with what they’re called.
There is also a little problem with the Washington Grenadiers…for some reason, shipping the Washington Grenediers doesn’t Replace your normal Grenadiers–even in the fort–their picture even looks almost exactly the same, so it causes some confusion. The card also says it enables Grenade launchers for your civ, but it doesn’t, which I assume is a bug because it actually Does enable grenade launchers for Washington’s Grenadiers. Also strange is that the Grenadier cards for British (and I think the age 4 card for Sweden), don’t affect Washington’s Grenadiers–all in all, there are a lot of weird things with this card specifically. But I think it could be easily fixed by having that card just Replace your own Grenadiers, or just have them be an “upgrade” to your Grens, and this would mean Grenadier upgrade cards would affect them.

I’m really enjoying this reworked revolution, but I do hope these things can be fixed.


It is AoE3. If we talk about AoE3, then we don’t talk about consistency. These two things just doesn’t happen together.

Tu haz silencio que ni juegas el juego como para corroborar los cambios de esta revolución.

I don’t know what language you are speaking, but if Google Translate is correct, you’re accusing me of not even playing the game…which is strange…I most definantly play the game and have even used this revolt in games.

Habrá que revisar está revolución una vez más porque algunos envíos se vuelven contraproducentes. Quien en su sano juicio reemplazaría la guardia azul holandesa o las casacas rojas britanicas por el militar estadounidense? La idea es transicional a algo equivalente o mejor, no peor.

Perdón por el mal entendido, le dije a mht6551 que puso su primer comentario. Su palabra tiene poco valor siendo esto un tema de equilibrio y el dice no tener el juego. Solo entra al foro para hablar mal.

Ah ok. Yes, I have to agree some of the cards seem bad, specifically the Regular shipment, and the Carbiner shipment IF you have already upgraded YOUR version of that unit. But if you have not, its actually an okay shipment giving you units and instant access to age 4 military.