Revolutions Units do not Appear in the History section

Hey everyone,

With the Revolution updates there were several minor civs and several new units introduced in the game. However these do not appear in the History section of the game.

Yes, i know that no one (or almost no one) uses that section of the game, however, since the devs had the time to revamp all the text from the native civs, i think it would be nice for them to add text for each revolution (to add context to it, and why is it available to each civ). It would also be interesting to know the history regarding the revolution unique units such as the Hussars of Death, Dorobants, Pandurs, Roshiour Dragoons etc…

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Also the barbarian and ethiopian
The eight historical battles should be in history section as well (yep it’s six, forgive me

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Eight? Aren’t they 6?