Rewards feel.... empty

Whats the point of earning this flashy, childish, out-of-context emblems with events??? I mean, you customize your banner and then what? who sees that? whats the use? you cant even showcase it in-game, I feel rewards are… nothing compared to the time invested to get them… and if in the middle of it you face the quitters, the noobs, the drophackers, the super pros, blah blah blah whos gonna even try then???

Am I missing something??? What should be the best rewards that are worth the time???

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People see your banner and portrait on the loading screen before each game or if they look at your profile.

Personally I don’t really care because I don’t play games for the rewards, but because I enjoy the gameplay.

What are you thinking rewards should be?

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I see them as a fun customization nothing to take too serously. They could had gone without this in the game, but I think it’s fine.

I’d like to see more options though but I take it as that will come in time.


thats the point, at least you enjoy gameplay, im on the side of losing every single match (every single) to all the reasons i said before, so its frustrating to death… so i dont win and if i casually ever won i’d get just a flag/banner/badge that ppl only see for 20 seconds? I feel so dissapointed

you need to improve bro, I understand that it is frustrating to lose, but this does not mean that the fault is the game, as others have said, the banners are something nice not to take too seriously, but I understand it is nice to implement them in the game, for example to have banners in buildings that allow you to identify the player instead of using the game colors, for example I play only with blue colors and red, which allow you to identify the enemy and teammates more easily, but after all you have to see if it is something that can be implemented, since the banners are not an identification of the historical civilization you use, this could decrease the immersive, but it would be nice to have them

just try to improve , first step up with the AI , then go and do it with real players

Rewards are an stupid thing honestly…

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I’m not faulting you for caring about rewards that’s why I asked what you think they should be?

Although I personally think it would be silly to play a game I wasn’t enjoying just for digital rewards that are only relevant inside that game.

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I would love to see rewards being shown in game, like how the statues are shown in the TC.
It would be really nice to have our banners hanging from our TCs and keeps, and add more cuztomization options so that it adds some uniqueness to our town.

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Think in coh they have it. when you capture a Sacred Site your banner should go up there.

Think the banners look to simple aswell

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