Rework for french civ?

this civ keep getting small eco buffs while other civ get new units and other enhancements, can’t properly match up with other civs, its not a small merchant buff in imperial age that will help to a balanced match up, it would need more unique units and new mechanics

I think the French are fine.

Ofc changes can always be made.

much like HRE they really don’t need any rework because they are as good as it is. People just forget that French is more than just royal knights. Their already exceptional Arbaletiers (Crossbowmen) got an buff.
And they have among the best Siege in the game (Royal Cannons, Royal Culverins and Royal Rebalderquin).
(although i wouldnt mind seeing HRE and French getting some of their units reworked into unique units, such as thier Knights being unique Teutonic knights, and french getting Halberdiers for Spearmen)

Infact I would love to see more late game french dropping the knight in favor for going primarly Arbalatiers + Siege composition.

Mangonel+Rebalderquin combo, covered by defending units is such a Death-star blob that is insanely hard to counter. Ontop of being covered by Culverins, there is little to nothing that can stop it.
And with the latest Econ buff to french, they can easily support this, even when Woodlines are running low, as they can easily obtain wood through traders.

The Mangonels will make short work of any range units that comes to counter the Arbaletiers.
The Arbalatiers will weaken any unit coming into attacking the siege and eat through any armored units.
And the Rebalderquins will just blast whatever melee units that does make it close enough, and especially Horse-men which is the only unit that isnt specifically hardcountered by this composition.

I’d love to see more infantry based french composition armies, and they have the potential to do so.


good points, would be clever to make infantery variety instead of just spamming knights