Rework Idea for Sweden

I recently made a post about balancing Sweden. I’ve got another idea now.

At release, Sweden was characterized by a strong elite infantry, which is relatively weak at the beginning but scaled very well into the late game, as well as a focus on artillery. This focus also corresponds to the historical background. Carolines only came up with an army reform but were the best infantrymen of their time due to their superior training and moral. With the various balancing updates, this focus has been lost. Meanwhile, Sweden is in a position to be an inferior British clone.

To bring that uniqueness back, I would suggest the following:

Carolines are only available from the 3rd age. But get a combat value increase and the veteran upgrade is already researched. Sweden has enough units to be able to do without the Carolinians in Age 2.

The governor is removed so that a naked FF is not choice now. In return, Sweden gets a new politician, namely the chancellor (800 food). Fits historically too. This brings 2 torp wagons and 100 gold. This is in line with the other Age Ups, these bring between 400-500 resources.

In order to emphasize the uniqueness of the leather cannons, they should be improved. An additional card in Age 2 which increases life and attack (10%). As well as a veteran upgrade which needs to be researched in Age 3. This upgrade should also bring more range. Stats with guard upgrade should be at 24 range. This also increases the light carriage card, which then brings 2 upgrades at the same time. In exchange for these buffs, the Falconets will be removed from the Gun Foundry. However, the card 2 Falconets in the 3 Age remains.

With these changes, Sweden gets a uniqueness in terms of playstyle and unit combination.

What do you think of these changes?


I dont see how this changes anything within their uniquenes

I like the idea of the chancellor, but I think it would hurt the Swedes if they can’t produce caroleans frome age2 on, if a naked FF is not possible, which it is not and never really was, you’d have to train other units in age 2 just to make a complete switch into age 3, right now I can advance into the fortress age with 20-30 caroleans and some leather cannons, which can be upgraded instantly and give me enough mass to immediatly push after ageing up. Without that I have to opt for a cav start or crossbow-pike, and I really don’t like the last option.

If your goal is unique flavor, you may want Swedes to start with a Gustavian unit, which is transformed into Caroleans via a card in the same way as Ranger, Landwehr and Prinz Chevauleger. Not sure how you’d design the Gustavians though, when so much of the Swedish balance seesawing has revolved around Caroleans.