Rework of architecture design for Aoe2de civs mod

Just like how Vietnamese architecture type was changed from southeast Asia to east Asia; I think certain other Architecture type needs to change. Different modders can do that however without proper discussion it will just be their own perception. So a discussion on this is essential. That way this community can create a mod that’s perfect for nearly all. As for what can be changed…

Persian and Turks should have central Asian architecture design. I am not sure about Turks however Persia should definitely get it. After all those central Asian tribes simply adopted Persian culture partially to create those buildings.

Should Cumans have central Asian style or should they have more like Mongols East Asian style?

East Asian style doesn’t actually suit Mongols however it’s the closest one in my opinion. However their monastery should be like a yurt and the design for it is already present in game.

Should Teuton have west Europe design? I think they are fine as they are.

Should the Vikings get east European style? I think that may suit them more. Stave churches do look like east European monastery.

As for others I think they are perfect as it is. Also I am not taking about designing something new as that can be way difficult when it comes to designing building.

So share your opinions. What else do you think should change? Maybe that way a mod with proper rework of this architecture design can come out of it.

I think the Cumans are fine.
Persians should get the Central Asian set. Turks, Saracens and Berbers can keep the Middle Eastern set.
But Mongols need a Tibetan-style architecture set. See the excellent Steam mod for AOK:HD for some idea on what I mean.