Rework or Remove Artic Territory Map

Plz rework or remove Artic Territory Map from Ranked!

This Map is terrible to play…

+1 here, there is a suggestion to let us Veto maps. But as a general idea. There are very bad to play on. This map in particular Artic Territories. You can’t wall as the edges are frozen and enemies still go through

Treaty or skirmish this map is the greats crap in the game xD

Hmm i like this one, why it’s a bad map?


you cant finish walls and when 2v2 3v3 4v4 is unplayenable no spaces for anything

at 1v1 the map is nice but it was not a teamplay map

Each map are suppose to have 2 version, one for 1v1 and one for the team?

Not generally does a map have a different spawn for team. But this one doesn’t spawn well for 4v4 in particular.

Idk why people think it’s “bad” just because the ice prevents full walls on one side… every map should be unique in some way and players should have to adapt to the map imo.