Rework to Malta (Simple rework to fix Malta broken aspects)

Suggestion MALTA REWORK.

  • Outpost: deleted from the civ.
    Explanation: if Malta remain having outpost, Malta would have too many “towers”. So commanderies will remain be impossible to upgrade and they won´t become an usefull defensive building.

  • Commanderies: now they can be upgraded like normal outpost, blockhouse, etc…
    Explanation: currently, commanderies become a useless defensive building in mid-late game. So currently they become a expensive stable in late.

  • Commanderie units:

  1. Not more 10% resistance and damage.
  2. (New): now benefits from maltese bonus of 2%.

Explanation: currently commanderie-unit shippemnts are useless. Thats because you expend a shippment to unblock a unit that is worse than the rest of Malta units.

I’d rather not face opris with 50% more hp.


Yeah I’m a big fan of not having other civs steal the unique units of civs and buff them better

now order huss and goon, maybe thats ok. a bit scared of huss hp scaling long term, but i dont see that problem most the time. But killing ports with cassador, spain with lancers, french with cuirs, 50% hp opris, etc to me sounds just annoying.

Besides, order goon are so trash late game and malta’s late late eco not to crazy so i think either letting order huss/goon be carded via the malta combat card or scale is probably fine.

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  1. opris with +50% resistance would be an extreme late game.

  2. Russian oprich obtain +25% damage and 25% resistance instead (similar).

  3. Malta opriches would continue to be 10% more expensive and would need shipping to be unlocked.

I would say that none of the Malta units (even with +50% health at EXTREME LATE) would be better than the units of the civilizations they come from. (and they would be more expensive)

I think that NOONE of the units that Malta unblock would be better than original units in their civs (even with +50% resistance, thing that only would be in EXTREME LATE game).

And they would remain being 10% more expensive.

the issue is shadowteching and consulate stats
when say vs ports, normally ports cant afford to keep up tempo AND ship the 15/15 infantry cards AND go to age4, get guard upgrades AND ship infantry combat to keep up with cassadors. this is present situation btw, where ports british players have often been understanably miffed to send 3-4 cards to keep with with malta sending 1 single card. ports, brits have to spend more cards to get better output all while eating the real cost of guard or imperial. To give them further scaling would only upset existing balances. then when you think of how cuir are already very tanky, lancers and opri balanced by low hp, and often expesnive to tech into. Malta tongue shipments by design trade in the scalability for a more quick powerspike of strong units now, shadowteching, for 1 card. its like a super merc shipment of sorts that is longer lasting instead of instantly power.

With hp, lancers and cuir would be better than cav combat after 10 shipments, for no addtional deck space on a civ with the best pike/bow scaling in the game. I think that to balance potential scaling, you have to remove either the shadowteching, increase costs of training, or i think let them be as is. a simple 10/10 for tongue/order cav even would probably be ok to attach to the malta unique card. or a age4 15/15 combat card.

But im a cautious man, tired of over buffs and over nerfs. Thats why id rather boost the existing formula that the order units are around and not give them access to incredible scaling these units were, and I emphasize, NEVER designed to have access to. We dont have to open pandoras box with a hand grenade.

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*Russian Tongue ships a number of Russian Cavalry Archers and enables them at the Commandry. Moved to age 2. Cavalry Archers may be trained starting in the Fortress Age.

CA actually would feel right with Malta imo, they fit the style of Crusader Knights better than Dragoons. It would also be less op having insanely tanky CA with only the Shadow Techs and RCC to increase their damage. Opis are just annoying and Malta doesn’t really need them, they have Lancers, Hussars and Cuirassiers.

Put an upgrade for Order Unit hp in the unique church techs (as a forth tech):

Age 2 “Knights of the Order”:
Cost 750f, 750w, 750c:
Order Units receive +2% hp for each past and future shipment sent this game.


2 % sounds op at least for gendarmes and hussar, maybe start at 1 %.

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  • Remember that those units are 10% more expensive.

  • Malta gendarme would have +50% HP in EXTREME EXTREME LATE game

  • Currently french gendarme have +40% HP and +40% damage in extreme late game. French gendarme would remain being the best.

In truth, other ways to improve commandery-units could be considered if you dont like they taking advantage of maltese 2% bonus.

But what is clear is that commandery-units must be buffed in some way or another to make them a viable option within the game.

And as I mentioned, commandery as defensive buildings must also be upgraded in mid-late.

Auberges brings cost back down 10 % and the cost compared to the benefit of shadow teching is only of concern in treaty where you’d send Auberges to mitigate this anyway. In supremacy its pretty strong getting your cav and skirms instantly teched to the latest level, well worth the 10 % higher cost, but you’d still have the option of sending the card. Giving those units 50 % more hp for basically free sound like too much, I’d rather have them add a order units combat card. As for Commanderies I agree, I’d like to see them replace towers and act like a blockhouse for order units.

Auberges require a shipment and is (currently) a bad card.

But if commandery-units would better, may be Aubergs would be worth…

(Edit) please, stop repeat “50% more HP”. This only would be in an extreme late game.

Imo a tech should be added to the church tech card. A shipment + the cost is what is needed to counteract the major advantage of shadow teching.

A flat +15% attack and HP even in age 4 would be op in FIs where all the units are upgrading for free. The tech should be strong and very expensive to make Order units good in late game/treaty. At least 2k res

The extreme late game does matter though. It might not matter on Cassadors, Longbowmen, and a few other units, but it does matter on Cuirassiers. It’s worth talking about.

I could see making a tech for Order units for “+15 attack and +1% hp for every shipment sent this game.”. That would probably be a better move given the units it effects.


In “extreme late game” french gendarme obtain +40% resistance and damage. In “extreme late game”.

All (or almost all) units unlocked by Malta would be stronger in the home civilization than in Malta in “EXTREME LATE”.

Fwiw, i think you make valid points. Its just to remember tempo
To have not only a massive shadowtech cuir consulate shipment, but one that would possibly gain 10 to 20% hp for no additional tempoless card investment, could be a bit much.

Finding that sweet spot of powerspike and long term investment is tough on a civ that scales slowly, then takes off, then falls off super late like malta.

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Currently commandery units have +10% HP and damage.

With my proposal, they would only become stronger than they are now starting from the 10th shipment.

From this point, they would be stronger. But we must remember that those units should be stronger to be in meta.