Reworked campaigns discussion

I’d like to get away from the constant pleas for attention towards this game (attention which is urgently needed btw) and the discuss some actual gameplay. I’m almost finished with the 4 original campaigns (Egyptians, Greeks, Babylon, Yamato) and I’ve noticed a lot of the missions are changed and most of the time not for the better. They are all with two exceptions (Lord of the Euphrates and the Caravan) made easier and sometimes have even lost the original intention. The Great Hunt is probably the most infamous example. The original is one of the hardest missions (if not the hardest) in the game, requiring quite a lot of micro and patience, without the possibility to build up with villagers. The layout of the map doesn’t quite make sense when villagers are introduced in the DE and I find it a shame. Yeah, it’s less frustrating but also less unique and memorable.

Another example I just played is Yamato 4, the Mountain Temple. The original starts you off with a few villagers in a claustrophobic corner of the map with 2 towers and very limited food and wood, then launches constant military and naval raids from the other factions. In the DE, however, you start in another corner altogether, with abundant resources and a single attack that can be totally wrecked with a single cavalry you can train immediately. Everything else is boringly uneventful for the rest of the scenario. The Izumo city is quite pretty, though, too bad the defenders just bend over and let you take it with no real fight.

So, yeah, what do you guys think about this? Are the myriad changes worth it/justified, or do they take away from the challenge and uniqueness of the campaigns?


I’m quite saturated about this as well!

I couldn’t agree more with you. This mission, and The Mountain Temple one, are the ones that first came in my mind when I think about this topic.

I think a way this mission might work better than by adding villagers is to include some secret army at some point of the way, that the player could find only by exploring the most remote areas.

YES! This mission originally was a nightmare with so overwhelmingly opposing odds to deal with! It’s layout on the Definitive Edition should had been kept almost exactly as the original one.

The Izumo city on Definitive Edition should have kept this new look, but with all the zigzag of the original. I remember it were swarming with defenders!

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