Reworking walls A.S.A.P. is the most urgent issue in game

Reworking walls is more important that reworking any civ or mechanic in game RIGNT NOW

Changes needed

-Only one type of wall fragment
-Price adjusted to their utility (more expensive, stop seventeen lines of wall).
-PROBABLY guuns and canons couldnt shoot throught walls.


  1. Less micro needed to build walls properly.
  2. Two types of wall is more anti-aesthetic (2 types of wall DELETING THE TOWERS is even more anti-aesthetic)
  3. Stop abusing walls in late.

Agree with these. Hopefully since they are developing AOMR in paralell they could try AoM walls in AoE3

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All they need to do is make pillars cost appropriately for the distance they cover. If they cover 1/5 of a large wall segement then make them cost 1 wood. This eliminates totally the need to delete pillars.


They should make so that pillarsless walls will always have big holes in which units can move, that alone would fix many problems, if there is no way to make pillarless walls actually block units from passing then pillars would be needed to have decent walls…
Some might suggest to make pillars a part of the walls model, i think that pillars should remain as they are now but removing the possibility of making two long walls so close that a pillar isn’t needed, it is just a increase in pillar “hitbox” when building walls

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You mean aesthetic?
Or what?
I guess you are wrong

Have no sense two different types of walls. It is an outdated mechanic that was never well thought out. It is easier to make a new one than to correct it.

It’s better to make a new one but easier to correct it.

I mean all, if you see hight elo multiplayer, walls are all the time used in wrong form. Deleting the pillars.

practically all good players build walls without pillars, this requires innecesary micro. Walls should be automatically builded in their designed form and without innecesary micro

walls being fixed to pillars would at least bring back the intended role of walls being able to defend quickly but large chunks would be brought down at a time so you can get overwhelmed easier instead of just mindless walling tiny gaps.
imho that alone would essentially 2x the cost of walls and allow people to create bigger breakthroughs and then we could see if thats enough. just how i’d approach it

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That’s still not ideal. The time to build them is also a cost. And if they’re too cheap and convenient then people can spam them to give line of sight and distract enemy units using attack move.

Walls are too passive in this game.

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Add a new resource, the stone xD

We can’t have that - everyone knows you make stone walls by melting Coin into stone wall moulds, then painting it grey.

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User name checks out


they can adjust their los and units a-m logic then

The best solution would be to not have the gaps where the pillars are and to have the pillars as a graphical element only.

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Con la llegada de la pólvora los muros defensivos debieron de construirse con el propósito de resistir a las balas de cañón. Se hicieron mas bajos y robustos, con pendientes marcadas. Tiene mucho sentido que los muros que tenemos sean fragiles dado su estructura delgada y totalmente vertical

One way could be:

  • “Now wall units are distinguished by Wall pillars and Wall segments”
  • “Wall pillars cost 1 wood and build twice as fast, Wall segments cost still cost 5 wood”
  • “For every 40 Wall units, increased wall unit cost by 40 wood for the building player”

So after building 80 wall units, if they wanted to keep going, they would need 81 wood for a single wall pillar or 247 wood to get a wall segment in-between 2 pillars.

OBVIOUSLY, experimenting will be needed, maybe 40 wood after 40 units is a bit of an overkill, especially in 8 player maps, where gaining territory needs the extra help from walls.

So… As an example, this is what 10 units of wall looks like in a 2 player map (Mongolia).

And this is what 40 units of wall looks like (From here forward, walls will cost more, so you can either destroy the old ones to save up on wood, or build them for higher costs).
In most games, I rarely need more than this to cover a decently dense base.

80 units of wall, enough for a double layer of protection, neat.

160 units!!! If you wanted a segment between 2 pillars, you would need 487 wood, almost as much as a mill!
Which is good, because at this point, you would need to repurpose half of your army into siege units to get through such a base

Why not, 400 units of wall, for the persistent infinite wood gatherers, enough to make anyone rage-quit.
A simple 2 pillar 1 segment wall is now 1207 wood, no one would ever dare build another pillar again.

And to end this, another way to carry it around would be to cap the construction limit of wall units to 200 (That’s more than enough) or making them increase in build time as you build more (Like the cost thing) or all of the above.

Fun to experiment that lol…

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Just realized it doesn’t eliminate the micro of pillar-less walls once the cost gets higher, as both increase in the same ammount, so, hmmmmmmmm

  • “For every 40 Wall segments, increased wall segment cost by 40 wood for the building player”

That way, the cost is pretty much the same, it’s not needed to save up on wood by deleting pillars, and players can’t abuse this by building only with pillars, cause that will take ALL of the focus of micro on it.