Rise of Empires fraud

I know this isn’t that only game that does such practices, but the advert below for the mobile game ‘Rise of Empires’ heavily insinuates that their game is a mobile remastered version of Age of Empires. Its essentially fraud. The advert has over 3 million views at the time of writing and although Microsoft probably are aware of it and consider it as ‘small fish’, I thought it was worth bringing it to someone’s attention in case they didn’t.

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Oh boy they even refer to Age of Empires in their adds and using ingame music, no worries they steal anything they can :smiley:

I watched the ad. It’s legit fraud. It uses the name Rise of Empires as the PC game name. Then claims this is the remastered,

It’s either trolling (hence the likes) or legit fruad.

Also, suggest moving this to #age-of-empires-ii instead @DecafUnicycle28

Happy to move it, but I dont know how. If a mod or someone wants to do it then I’m happy for them to do so!

This topic is not about Age of Empires II: DE. It’s about an imitation version, so it is best suited in off-topic.

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