Rise Of Nations

Ho wcome Rise of Nations never got any love after the EE came out? I loved that game and wish I could still find people to play with online.


Sadly even the intro cinematic of EE is not upscaled. I for one would love AoE to include Rise of Nations and Rise of Legends. Those two are masterpieces.

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Unfortunately, it is currently not attractive to the game. She was so old. First of all, it will need to refresh the graphics and simplify the interface - so that it does not scare potential new players.

This game has that lusciousness that the AoE series does not have - it doesn’t have to create multiple civilizations for each part. AoE 2 through numerous DLCs just needs to add more civs to keep players happy. RoN does not have to do this, mainly because it concerns all historical ages.

Improved interface and modern graphics. Nothing more is needed - unless 6 new ones, to even out the number of civs and encourage you to buy the Definitive Edition.

  1. The Austrians who have the Power of Music
  2. The Poles who have the Power of Sacrifice
  3. The Swedes who have the Power of Vikings
  4. The Ethiopians who have the Power of Christianity
  5. The Brazilians who have the Power of Carnival
  6. The Arabians who have the Power of Progress

I wish that would happen. I wonder if I can find anyone still playing online

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have a look at game ranger

I will prefer official support rather than game ranger. This franchise is one of the most underrated RTS series out there. Rise of Legends was so enjoyable.

Anything in W. Africa, S.E. Asia or Pacific Islands?

BTW, Portuguese are a faction with UUs only playable in The New World campaign.

I think also there could be more campaigns with hero generals.

I also had an idea to make confederation of continental superstates, similar to the Global techs at the end of each game, with all European, Asian, African and Americas civs.

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