RMS Cup qualification issue

I was just having a close up look to the upcoming RMS Cup match ups.

Next to the the price pool there are two tickets for the prestigious “Red Bull Wololo Legacy” tournament available.
The exact wording to this: “The two best performing players who are not already invited are granted a spot for Red Bull Wololo: Legacy 2022”.
Out of the 8 remaining players 4 of them are already qualified (Viper, Yo, Daut, Villese), so that means that the other 4 players (Tatoh, Hera, ACCM, Vivi) are playing for the two tickets.

Let’s assume the favorites in each matchup will win.

Viper wins vs Tatoh, Hera wins vs ACCM, Yo wins vs Vivi, Daut and Villese should on paper be the closest one, but it doesn’t matter at all since both have a ticket already.
This would mean that Hera gets a ticket, no matter if he loses in the semifinals.
For the other ticket Tatoh, ACCM and Vivi would be left. Now who get the ticket? Would they play something like a mini tournament between those those three? To me this feels even more exciting than who actually wins the tournament.

Would love to get some info about how they’re going to handle this.

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