RMS Requests

I have a few requests related to creating RMS that I think would come in very handy.

First one is a new attribute for spawning something like villagers which affects minimum placement distance to enemy villagers, but not of the same team. This would be handy for Nomad maps if you want to spread teams a little bit more to prevent building in top of each other so often.

My other request is for connections to connect non-player lands to eachother similar to create_connect_all_player_lands, except only for non-player lands.

Have you looked up for Zetnus guide on internet? It is really useful. If you want, PM, i can get you the discord server where RMS masters hang out

Already seen it, and I am using it frequently because my bad memory won’t let me remember ■■■■.
Also already on the discord and I am also friend with Zetnus on steam, where he is great help when I need some help or some tips.

I actually asked him if he knew a way to spread the villagers from different teams from each other, and he said he needed time to think because it was a tricky one. Didn’t get an answer on it though. xD
I found somewhat of a solution by using min_distance_group_placement and placing villagers last in object creation. The minus is it also affects villagers on the same team, but it’s better than nothing.

If Zetnus said it’s a tricky one, then it’s a tricky one. He’s probably the guy that makes the weirdest more complicated things when it comes to RMS.

if the master can’t help you, surely neither I can 11.

My best advice is to try with the map editor. Maje a change on your script, generate a map, and keep on doing it till you get it right

Yeah, that’s what I am doing for the most part when figuring out things on my map.

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