RNG could be less RNG

We have seen maps in tournaments on boulder bay where someone had literally no deep sea fish at his side. We also see happening the same on Nagari where corner spawns might have 1 deep sea fish and the other may have 4.

I present to you my last 2on2 game with a friend.


So its nice it spawns resources and then shifts the mountain through it completely unevenly. From the looks of it, we also hadd less square meter. This can’t be the intention of RNG.

We are always working to better our balance and spawns. Map seeds are helpful when reporting. Thanks!


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Honestly, Id much prefer ladder games to have custom made maps with no RNG.
Kinda like starcraft.

This would also make map balancing much easier as you can address problems with maps individually.


Seed Mongolian Heights / Gobi Desert / 39c67f79

South side:
2 relics (vs 5!!)
7 golds (vs 12!!)
3 deer (vs 5!)
1 boar (vs 3 boar!)
7 stone (vs 11!)

Only thing that spawned fair was berries, 6 (vs 6).
What the…?

Edit: 17 fish on south side of the river (vs 29 on the north side).

Clearly, just as in previous posting on mountain pass, the split in the map, it be a river, it be a mountain, can be skewed and it tries to generate resources near its location, it will simply deposit them where there is space without having regard for the symmetry.

Edit2: just to kinda show, Viper got screwed in this tournament

Full vid: Age of Empires 4 - The $20,000 FAIL Spawn - YouTube

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