Road Map or more communication please?

I would like to know if devs are going to show us at least a road map for what they have in mind for the game or at least say something once a week: “We are working on this, and this and next week the map pool gonna change”…for example.
You guys at least give any feedback to Nili about Nac3?
Is it too hard? are you guys too busy working 24/7 non sleep that´s why u say nothing?
come on, start the game already
Pd: Can´t believe I chat with a bot for about 10 minutes just to being able to post here.


You did not need to afaik though.

my bad then, but it was annoying anyways

Yeah I completely agree with the original post. Other than patch notes I’m unaware of any communication from the devs. I don’t even think they have acknowledged the constant crashing many players are still experiencing, or how broken team game matchmaking is.

Would love more communication from the team working on this game, or at the very least, as mentioned in the original post, a roadmap or something.


They surely are communicating, it’s just that they don’t appear too much to this specific forum session here and get to more ponctual things, like bug reports.

But some road map, as vague as it may be, and schedule to map rotations would be really appreciated, indeed.


“Hi, We are the devs team and we are aware of all the bugs and glitches that the new 21 January patch bring with it, we are already working on it and we hopefully plan for tomorrow a hotfix to solve all of them. Sorry for not testing the new patches playing a couple games before the release”

Hi devs, I am doing the job for you, dont need to thank me, you better still working as hard as you are doing right now !!!

Also why dont tell your boss to hire more people for the balance-game team? Not sure how many you are but it doesnt seems enough


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A Road map would be great. It may set expectations but that’s a good thing with an involved community. It also gives the community a clearer picture as to what is in store for the development of the game and its growth.

I see the Facebook Age of Empires sends updates and play dates on Thursdays but really, everything is on a reactive basis. While the updates are great, a long term investment with the community would be greatly cherished. Having a road map with quarterly stages with more informative details to the future of this game would seem to be a start in the right direction. Cheers!