Hmm, so your interest in, lets say, 2 or 4, was not destroyed by the awful ai 2 had for a long time and the awful ai 4 has until now?

and what troop point system? experience? its just another resource for you to get units, techs and abilities unique to your gameplay experience and preferences, making every civ able to be play different roles and in different ways based on the shipments they can get. Which is also another good point to the game: civs are not rigid an there is room for strategizing and adapting.

Also, it does not give european swordsmen, pikes and crossbows to civs that never had it.

Also, the minor civs that appear in most maps have more unique things than full civs from 2, which is also nice if you like variety in your games.


In addition, the AI has improved significantly compared to the old game. For example, it now does ‘hit and run’.

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I was referring to how the troop unit cap works with the differing points based on unit type, and the ai just sits there maxing unit cap sends it then builds up again. If it’s open field combat you have to respond with a mostly equivalent force or lose the engagement. AOE4 is an abomination that requires years of work “at the present rate” before it will be playable. AOE2 had ai issues earlier in its life but improved relatively quickly.

Try AoE3DE… the AI is pretty challenging on hard, hardest and extreme.

AoE3 had bad AI originally. But DE AI is pretty good.

Don’t judge a game by the AI though. AoE4 isn’t a great game, but not because of the AI.

Although there’s a lot of people who will criticize any AoE game if it isn’t AoE2. You say you aren’t one of them. I hope you’re not.


Yes, I think that until the end of 2023 AoE 4 will not be fully playable, for examples AoE 3 with its two expansions in 2007 and AoEO with its 6 civs in 2013…

For me the problem are the campaigns: not dialogues, not attachment to the characters, repetitive and not special mechanics, easy to beat.

Also the lack of soul with the simplified techs names and unit profiles.

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Of course, I wouldn’t have said it better…