Rollback latest update locally on Steam?


Is there a way to rollback from the 11148 to the 10807 version locally, on my computer?

The latest version always crashes just as it starts showing the intro cinematic.

I know the old version wouldn’t be compatible for multiplayer, but I’d just like to play AI skirmish or campaign again.

You would need someone to send you the last version of files.
Noone has that = No, not possible.

Ok, thanks.

I see that some other games on Steam have previous versions available when going to “Properties…” and then “Betas”. Maybe the developers could add something like that for future patches?

It could also help when reporting bugs, to check which version it was introduced.

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It would be usefull, but you remember how long steam takes to patch the game ?
Imagione your jumping back and forth ont he versions xD
RIP Hard drive…
They should change the patching of the game in genenral. Not shipping single files, shipping the .bars
Then the version switching could be done. Would also be damn usefull for mods.

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