Been working on this mod with help of my good friend Ropi and it’s finally ready. All the Revolutions will be playable in the treaty and depending on which home city you start the game with your revolution decks will be adjusted. I hope everyone tries this BEAUTIFUL mod and enjoys it. :raised_hands:t2: This Mod also features Gurkhas for British, which makes them enable after sending a home city card. More updates/Balances will be done on this Mod.

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Building on revolutions like this is amazing! I think that devs already put so much effort into creating distinctive revolutions, but they are still underused sadly. A similar implementation like this one would fix it.

I noticed that vills do not turn into military in your mod. I think this is good for treaty but would not work for supremacy as well. Treaty and supremacy should have their own balances, and this is not the first time we have a problem of incongruencies like these.


Even after you revolt on this mod, you still can change all villagers to revolutionaries, if you notice inside the town center there is an option (revolution icon) so after you revolt you still can turn all of you villagers into revolutionaries, I made it that way so sup players can use it as well. :slightly_smiling_face:

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