Romans AI never produce scorpion

It upgrades Ballistas but only produce crossbowman…

i play a lot and never really paid attention, time to try a few games

Yeah, this is so correct. So many things go wrong with the AI. All become worse especially in 1v1.

AI Units Behavior Problems:

  1. Basically they never scout the map after the initial scout dies. If they do, the unit scouting will run back to the TC if being targetted/attacked.
  2. They cut trees for trading, but they fill the route with buildings (lumber camp, production building, or even market), so all the trade carts get stuck.
  3. They always try to chase intended units/building (sometimes random or specific units or there is an enemy unit which inflicts attack first) and let themselves get attacked by enemy units. They do not attack the closest enemy units, unlike in HD Version where units tent to attack whatever units they see.
  4. In accordance with the third point, they use Siege Onagers just to kill their own units. DE AI never prevents Onagers from hitting enemy unit which is already close to own units unlike in HD Version. It is so painful to see Celts SO killing 15 Woad Raiders just to kill one skirmisher or Slavs SO killing 8 Boyars just to kill one halberdier.
  5. AI basically never Prioritizes Archer Armor Upgrade (especially Ring Archer Armor) and Melee Attack Upgrade (Especially Blast Furnace) unless they reach max population with sufficient resources. They always ignore them even If the game goes for like 2 hours. 2 hours game also seems impossible since they will lose because their units are so weak without upgrades. This is so different with HD AI where they will research upgrades if the number of units is already ‘xx’.
  6. AI without gold tooooooooo overproduce Skirmishers. If the population capacity is 500, they will make around 280 skirmishers with 200 villagers, unless it is Turks.
  7. AIs with good Hussar and without Halberdier Upgrade keep spamming Pikemen like . ______ .
  8. AI tent to produce skirmishers and pikemen although they have a million gold.
  9. AI units sometimes keep ignoring enemy castles just to destroy certain buildings, such as drop-sites, farms, house, etc. (keep in mind that Castles are important building to push like TC and Tower)

Specific Civs Problems (mostly they spam Skirmishers in late game):

  1. Armenians produce Warrior Priests during the game, but they never research Sanctity and Fervor because AI will research monastery upgrades only if they have more than 5 monks.
  2. Berbers, Italians, Mongols, Poles and Saracens keep spamming pikemen in late game. Ironically, those civs have good Hussar. Berbers have access to Genitours, but they only spam Skirmishers instead.
  3. Celts stop making Scorpions after researching Siege Onagers, unit which will kill their own units later on.
  4. Huns sometimes do not research Atheism.
  5. Japanese never research Kataparuto.
  6. Persians never use Kamandaran. They seem to have build/army composition as same as before Boiling Oil was removed.
  7. Slavs never make Militia-lines when Bulgarians do.
  8. Some civs especially Cavalry Civs do not make UU. Bulgarians, Khmer, Lithuanians and Teutons never produce UU. Franks rarely use UU, but they sometimes start producing UU against infantry civ, such as Goths. Huns and Persians sometimes make UU if they have tons of resources. Ethiopians never make UU. Arguably they have good Arbalesters instead.
  9. Romans never make Scorpions, they even make Crossbowmen in late game. They often open Legionary with Centurion, but in the late game they stop making Legionary and only make Centurion and Crossbowman which are not cost efficient.
  10. Hindustanis overly make Ghulams which are very weak against melee units. They barely mix them with HC or Camels.
  11. Mongols mix Mangudai slow production with archers instead of Cavalry Archers.

number 2 was the reason I fully started modding. open maps seem fine but closed maps like amazon tunnel or blackforest they block themselves and run out of gold or get half of their army stuck.

so I gave AI Air trade and they no longer self block and that solves a ton of blockage issue

You seem like an expert. I hope developers pay attention to this topic.

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