Romans appart from Aoe1?

So, now that romans will be ranked legal, could it be sold appart from AoE1?
Did devs say something about this? Or any real chance?


Thats an excellent question,ideally it should become a free civi for people who dont want to buy aoe port.

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I don’t think they will make it a separate thing, otherwise there’s no point in making RoR.

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RoR is a poorly made port, if you compare in AOE 2 DE in Editor the units from AOE 1 DE ans from 2 DE you will see high quality differences.

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Hope devs consider sell Romans apart for a cheaper price.
I dont think i will spend 15 € for 1 civ and one game i dont want.
May be in a future with super discount like 50%.


It should be. I’m asking this ever since RoR teaser video dropped. $2.49 DLC for Romans civ only DLC will be cool.

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This thread feels like people want new content but dont to to pay for it. That doesnt make much sense.

Just look at previous DLC. As someone who only play multiplayer i wont use all the new scenarios. I still had to pay for them if i want to play with the new DLC civs. That is just part of the deal. You just buy the full package or you dont buy it. There isnt really an option to buy it for 30% or something like that.

At this moment i havent bought RoR. Currently it wont add anything to me. When romans come to ranked, then i will re evaluate the case. Maybe i feel it it is worth it. Or maybe not. I dit know yet. I think i will wait for a big discount.

Same result, just with more intermediate steps

I honestly think Return of Rome should be a different game.