Romans tuning

Firstly I believe that the civ just has so much new to offer, but it might be strong with the Galleys, Militia line and Scorpions. While all of this may have balance nerfs, my main objective is to avoid repetition of bonuses:

General changes:

  1. Scorpions benefit from Ballistics for all civilizations.

Romans changes:

  1. Lose bonus of cheaper scorpions which benefit from Ballistics.

  2. Castle Age UT Ballistas: Scorpions cost -60% gold.

  3. Imperial Age UT: Remove the training speed boost.

  4. Current Ballistas: Celt Scorpion bonus + Saracen War Galley bonus but effect increased from 25% to 33% - too bland

  5. Current Imp UT also coincides with Chivalry, Huns TB, Goth TB and Perfusion.

Other changes:

  1. Chivalry: Stables work 40% faster changed to Knights created 40% faster (so excludes the Scout line which the Cumans have).

Why don’t we wait for general wide-range play before suggesting nerfing things.

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I don’t mean this for balance. This is to avoid repeating bonuses.